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June 20, 1946


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The L. P. A. tea and display of handwoven articles Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. J. Fox was attended by nearly a hundred ladies and many coming form other towns.


There were 20 handwoven coverlets on exhibit, some of which were made in 1800, and none later than 1851. Practically all fo them are in excellent dondition. Two very old counterpanes were shown, one made in 1799 and owned by Dr. V. T. Smith and the others as heirllom of Miss Mary Jones and made in 1820. There were also samplers and pictures embroidered on hand-woven linen, that were made over a hundred years ago.


Miss Amy Leigh Paine, chairman of the committee, introduced Mrs. Donald Denniston of Palmerton, Pa., who most entertainingly discussed the history of many of the pieces--the Craftsmanship of the home weaver, his skill in dying and in design, as well as that of the itinerant weaver, who traveled from home to home.


Practically all of these coverlets have been in continual use, many coming in covered wagons from the Eastern states, as a part of the necessary equipment for travel. The charm of design, coloring, and workmanship of these hand woven coverlets makes them outstanding in any home. They are striking examples of early American art.


The exhibit was one of the finest of its kind probably that has ever been made in northeastern Iowa ans estimated value of the articles was said to be at least $3,000.


Othe rmembers ot eh tea committee of the association are Mesdames Willis Walker, A. M Doughty and F. A. Kiel.

Tea was served and the table appointments were of old silver with a center bouquet of garden flowers. Misses Grace Myer and Edna Luce poured.


Coverlets on exhibit are owned by Jean Hunt, R. M. Deming, Mrs. Dinniston, Dr. Parker, V. T. Smith, Mrs. Bogert, Misses Paine, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Lynch, Miss Jones, Mrs. Hastings of Fayette, Miss Kent, Mrs. Camp, Mrs. Blunt, Miss Barnes, Mrs. Woodard, Mrs. Heiserman of West Union.


Present from West Union were: Miss Florence Kent, Mrs. A. H. Kent, Geroge, Mrs. O. Heiserman, Mrs. Waterbury, Mrs. Clyde Blunt, Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Woodard, Mrs. Philips, Mrs. Brause, Miss Phyllis Brause, Mrs. Bernau, Mrs. Hitch, Mrs. N. J. Breckner, from Crresco, Mrs. Dora Swenson and Miss Taraldson, Decorah. Mrs. L. K. Knight, Mrs. Kestor and Mrs. Reif, Volga. Mrs. Ainsowrth, Armington, Ill., Mrs. M. E. Smith.

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