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May 28, 1942


Mrs. Harry Baylies entertained a company of friends in honor of the birthday anniversary of her mother, Mrs. Nora Graf, Friday evening at seven o'clock dinner at the Rex Hotel in West Union. there were seventeen guests present, all dressed up in old fashioned clothes, the ladies in picture hats, bonnets, capes, shawls, and gowns from 25 to 50 years old, and the men in overalls, high collars, white vests and tall hats, all of which caused much merriment. The long table was decorated with beautiful bouquets of lilies of the valley and spirea, the places were designed by caricatures of each drawn by the guest of honor. With napkins tucked under their chins the guests

partook of the bountiful and delicious old-fashioned dinner consisting of platters of baked ham, bowls of potatoes, individual pots of baked beans, cottage cheese, pickles, chili sauce, jelly, corn bred, baking powder biscuits, ice cream and strawberries, slices of the birthday cake, and coffee. The company returned to the Graf home where the evening was spent at bridge. Prizes were presented to Mrs. A. J. Fox, Mrs. J. W. Orr, Mrs. Ray Belles, Miss Mary Jones, Harry Schrader, Lee Hathaway, Ray Belles, and Charles Carpenter. A jolly good time was enjoyed.

 Mr. and Mrs. M. Lee Hathaway, Mrs. A. J. Fox and Mrs. Agnes Llewellyn attended the funeral service of Mrs. Fred Sorg at Hawkeye Thursday afternoon. 


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