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March 9, 1939 Personals

The Shakespeare club met Thursday with Mrs. J. D. Parker as hostess. At the business meeting, the following officers were elected:  elected:  Pres. Mrs. K. G. Fox; Vic-pres., Mrs. Paul E. McElroy; Sec.-treas. Mrs. M. J. Hartman; Core. Sec., Mrs. C. R. Carpenter.

March 16, 1939 Front Page


Be sure you have the revised date. No need for duplicating the times of events in our city. Originally it looked like Thursday was the best date next week and then along came several good reasons why the lads and the dads should step out on next Monday night, so MONDAY NIGHT it is. Lee Koebel, the popular Fayette baker rolls out the dough early every morning, and then rolls out the tickets. Between pies and pastry, he sells cardboard tickets for the high score as we go to press, but Coaches Madden and Dorman are right at it seeing that dads of team players of both basketball squads, are being invited to take their sons to the party and at the Fox furniture store, it is not just the laying of linoleum, for fathers lay down 75c on the counter and take 2 tickets away.

Mrs. Lee Koebel has taken the chairman responsibility for loading the tables and Mrs. Paul Reid is chief decorator. The waitresses will not be required to wear dog-collars, neither will the fathers be expected to lead their sons in by a rope. But it is going to be a pretty "doggie" affair, with Coach McAleece and his dog both speaking. The name of the big Dubuque dog coming as special guests for the occasion is a little different than the spelling of last week's story, but any poor dog whose name has to be spelled Doberman Pinscher is entitled to be called and spelled a couple of times at least. But when the ladies whistle just once, next Monday night, at the Broad Room in the church atop the hill the annual feed will be on--and right on the dot at 6:30 so that the tradition of a prompt start and a 8 o'clock finish shall prevail.

The ticket committee hopes you get yours at least by Satuday noon.



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