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  June 2, 1938

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Saturday evening the college banquet and program was held. Speakers were W. F. Baker of Decorah, president of the board of trustees, toastmaster Paul B. Zurbriggen, president of the class of 1938, Hon. B. W. Newberry of Strawberry Point, Hon. W. H. Klemme, of Ridgeway, Dr. Robert Fox of Roberts college, Istanbul, Turkey, and President-elect Dr. V. T. Smith. A large crowd attended and enjoyed to the utmost the toasts given.

Mr. Newberry, representing the class of 1875, gave a toast to those who attended the college in the years 1871-1875. One statement which he made is as follows:  "I have never regretting attending a small college with its advantages and disadvantages." This statement was of particular interest since it came from one who has been practicing law for 61 years. he was George A. Matthews, class of 1874, now in Los Angeles, Calif., and Mrs. Sarah Buckley Taintor, of Carlisle, Pa., are the three oldest living graduates of the college.

Mr. Klemme in his toast told the members of the graduating class that the was now in his 64th year in business, and stressed the fact that to be in business over such a period of time "one must be straight." Another quotation from his address was as follows:  "To be successful, be careful and put your financial ship in quiet waters."

Dr. V. T. Smith was greeted with rounds of applause as he was introduced to speak for the first time to faculty, students, trustees, and friends of Upper Iowa. In a few well chosen words he convinced the group of his utmost sincerity and keenest interest in the welfare and future of Upper Iowa University. 

Dr. Fox brought to the group points of view from the foreign country, particularly the Mohammedan.


June 16, 1938

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A tentative beginning has been made this week on a possible narrowing of the sidewalk in the business section of Main street, with a resulting increase in the width of the street for automobile traffic. The beginning was made in front of the Fox furniture store at the north end of the street. 

Years ago when the paving was put in it was found impossible to secure funds by levy against property owners, in some cases, sufficient to cover the cost of paving, and the sidewalk was increased for width instead, by putting in a narrow strip of walk, and a curb in front, the full length of the business part of the street. The curbing has proven of poor quality, and in many places has broken out entirely. the present idea is to remove this old curbing and the narrow strip of walk behind it, and put in new curbing, thus bringing about a uniform appearance, as well as increasing the width of the paving for parking purposes.

The initial piece of work at the Fox corner has been done as an experiment, and to get public reaction to the plan.


~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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