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February 3, 1938

Front Page

Missionary Tea Friday

Interesting Meeting of Methodist Society Arranged for Tomorrow

In connection with a Tea which is to be given by the Methodist Missionary society at Mrs. J. D. Parker's home Friday, Feb. 4, there are to be read letters from missionaries in various fields of service. Fresh news is expected this week from China, India, Malaysia and Africa.

Besides these will be opportunity to see the first clinic of a Missionary Specialist ever held in Fayette. In an amusing one act play Mrs. Collett as Dr. Nozitt, and Mrs. Howard Stranahan as Nurse Fayette will prescribe and give treatments to seven patients, afflicted with various ailments which render them unable to attend church missionary society and do acts of kindness and unselfishness.

While seeing Mrs. Karl Fox, Mrs. Erion, Mrs. Billings, Mrs. Willis Walker, Mrs. Pierson, Mrs. Marcus Baker, and Mrs. C. R. Carpenter represent people afflicted with such diseases as Autombililiousness, House Maids Knee, Narrow Sightedness, etc., you will laugh, but after you hear the diagnosis of Dr. Nozitt and you see the improvement and happiness of the patients you will catch the significance of the various prescriptions and feel impelled yourself to apply for aid to the "Great Physician."

anyway, there is fun and a message in the play, and interesting information in the letters, and it is hoped the ladies of the town will enjoy the Tea in Mrs. Parker's hospitable home at 2:30 sharp.


~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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