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November 28, 1929 Front Page



Banquet for College and High School Football Teams Was Feature of November Session.


The first meeting of the Fayette Community Club for the coming social season was held last Friday evening in the Broad Room of the M. E. Church, nearly a hundred sitting at the tables upon which was served an excellent dinner by the Women's Auxiliary of the American Legion. The notable feature of the occasion was the fact that the banquet was given for the college and high school football teams and their coaches. appropriately, each table bore in its center a miniature pair of goal posts with a football balanced on the bar across the top. During the meal a saxophone quartet from the college furnished music which was much enjoyed.


At the close of the dinner, president Fox introduced H. R. Young, cashier of the bank at Arlington, a former football player and coach, who spoke about high school athletics and the state high school athletic association and its purposes. One of his points in favor of high school athletics was that if it keeps even a few boys in school it is well worth while. In the "second half" of his address, he talked to the boys somewhat in imitation of the talks by football coaches to football players in the intermission between halves, this part of his speech thus being in the nature of counsel. He referred to the ideals of sportsmanship which are many times received from college players, and here he stressed the responsibility of the college men in their preps unconscious role as models and exemplars. Football, baseball, basketball-all are excellent preparation for the game on life's gridiron. In these games the players are taught that it is teamwork that counts, that they have to subordinate themselves to others to a certain extent, and learn to give and take in the proper spirit.


The president next called upon "Doe" Dorman, coach of the Upper Iowa Peacocks, to explain, "How he does it," the reference being to his ability to produce quality teams with a meager quantity of material. Dr. Dorman entertained the crowd with interesting and humorous tales of football as played in days long gone by, and praised the spirit and work of the 1929 Peacocks, who had given the best that was in them during the whole season. He expressed the hope that the future teams would receive the backing of the community.


Alva Gray, coach of the high school team, paid a tribute to Dorman as his mentor, and attributed part of the success of his team this year to the fact that he had plenty of material for two teams, thus having the advantage of this help with which to develop the main squad. At present, also, he said, there are sufficient boys available for basket ball to provide plenty of healthy opposition.


Captain Summers of the college team and Captain Paul of the high school team also made a few remarks when called upon.


The ended the speaking program, which was followed by a showing by Dr. John D. Clinton of the films exposed on the campus at homecoming time.


A business session was held. O. W. Stevenson, chairman of the committee on electric lights, made a report showing that there is now little left to be done and the committee was discharged. The committee on fire apparatus was also discharged after a report by Allen Carter.


The subject of adequate fire protection at the grad school building was introduced and a committee was appointed to investigate. It consists of John D. Clinton, C. R. Carpenter and H. W. Schrader.


A request was made that the club assist in arranging for and constructing a skating pond, and a committee has been appointed to meet with the town council on this proposition. The committee was also given the duty of ascertaining what can be done about setting aside a street in town upon which the children may coast with safety. This committee is composed of R. K. McLeese, R. A. Strayer, and Allen Carter.


A proposition now before the town council regarding the opening of a pool hall in town was discussed at length, with arguments presented on both sides. The club took no action in the matter, it being merely an informal discussion of the subject.


The next meeting of the club will be held at the regular time in December when it is excepted that the speaker will be Royal Holbrook. It is planning to have a fish dinner at the time. there will be election of officers. Further announcement will be made later.  


~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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