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Fayette County Leader 
May 2, 1929 Front Page



First Wapsipipleon Flag in U.S.A. 

Scout Week May 29-31, Scouts Will Collect Magazines.


T'was a fine circle of boys who sat down to the first 1929 outdoor meeting of Troop 31, Boy Scouts of Fayette, Monday evening. the friends of boyhood fringed the circle. At 7:30 the flames started up and the boys sat down for the presentation of the first parade flags the local troop has had in the nine years of history. R. Z. Latimer of the G.A.R. post produced two fine flag poles carried in former years by Grand Army men. One of these was the eagle and pole of oak, which was won, with a silk flag by the W. W. Warner Post here, for having the largest annual increase in the Iowa Department encampment. The other pole, of walnut, has carried the flag down Fayette streets since the Post's organization. Both old flags of the United States now hang in the flag corner at the church and the poles are given to the boys for the new banners.

Mrs. Edith Kochler, daughter of H. W. Gray, first presented the new national flag as a memorial banner in honor of her father, whose march on earth so recently ended. e. G. Platt volunteered the cost of the scout flag. In its color combination of red, green and white it was unfurled for the first time Monday with the letters sewed in place designating "Troop 31 Fayette, Iowa, Wapsininicon council."


Since January the Council has been formed but from Waterloo headquarters comes the news that Fayette is first to fly the official flag. Mrs. Henry Hettler, having a fund with which to help local worthy effort, offered patrol flags and staffs for each set of 8 boys. The Beaver and Eagle Patrols received theirs Monday and when 8 more boys arrive at 12 years of age and organize, Mrs. Hettler has the same offer awaiting them.


The Monday Council fire included two other donors. Harry Robinson engraved and gave the plates fastened to each flag pole descriptive of the gifts, and the Community Club gave the merit badges which are to be fastened to local scouts as fast as they advance and win them. A. J. Fox, president of the club awarded these first badges to be awarded in Fayette for at least six years. This included a list of 19, Karl Fox receiving 8 and assistant scoutmaster Bob Graham 6, Thomas Pritchard, assistant 11, won 2 badges, scoutmaster Clinton took a couple, while Clayton Burdick received one.


After these awards Monday 4 Tenderfeet were invested-Don Hunt, Everett Bogert, James Anderson and Harold Leopold. "Jim" had in the meantime stepped up to second class before a chance had come to take his oath in public. He was awarded his 2nd class pin. Bob Graham then concluded the council with the story of Chief Broken Bow and the scout benediction ended the day.


The night of May 29 is to be Show Night, with a new 8 reel scout movie, "Boy Scouts to the Rescue," produced under the supervision of Sir Baden-Powell of England. This is to help the treasury. Then on the 31st the Fox truck will make the round of the city to pick up magazines on the front porches which you tie up and give the boys to sell. Here is the rest of the month:

May 6, 5p.m. supper hike to the site of Fayette's first cabin.

May 13, 7p.m. Scout headquarters, test night

May 20, 7p.m. Finishing all leather craft

May 27 7p.m. On the lot, allocating the Round-up program.

May 30, Memorial day parade, first official march of the new flags. 



May 21, 1929 Front Page


Discussions, Committee Reports, Moving Picture and Dinner Filled Evening Hours.


The regular meeting of the Community club was held in the Legion Hall  last Thursday evening at which time dinner was served by the C. D. A. and Home Benefit club to eighty-four, many of those present being wives of club members. during the meal music was given by the college orchestra.

 After dinner President A. J. Fox called the business meeting to order, and the minutes of the two previous meetings were read by Secretary Henry Hottler, and approved.

 O. W. Stevenson presented the matter of providing better fire fighting equipment in Fayette, and Mr. Mundt of Dubuque, a representative of the International Harvester co., was introduced and called upon for a talk. He said that his company could furnish a truck suitable for the needs of the town, upon which could be mounted present equipment, and a pump in addition. He called attention to the fact that with a branch plant at Dubuque the town could always be assured of prompt service.

On motion the president was empowered to appoint a committee to investigate the matter and meet with the town council to consider the needs of the community. The committee is:  F. B. Claxton, R. D. Noble and Allen Carter.

Dr. J. W. Dickman, who  represented the Community club at the Des Moines meeting of Northeast Iowa National Park boosters, gave a report setting forth the details of the meeting with the state board of conservation. Later in the evening he was called upon for a statement of the status of the college campaign and other college matters.

A vote of thanks was taken for the ladies who served the club dinner, and also one for the orchestra.

A motion was made and carried that the clerk send a message from the club to Mr. F. A. Hoyt, now in the hospital at Rochester, Minn.

It was decided to assume the payment of rent for a room over the bakery in which the band may practice, and also to pay for merit badges for Boy Scouts in the future.

As a concluding feature Professor L. E. Blackman showed a number of reels of motion pictures, disclosing interesting views in several industries, and after adjournment had been taken a number of the men remained while Professor Blackman showed several other reels of film.  

~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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