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Fayette County Leader 

March 7, 1929 Front Page



Election of Officers and directors Took Place Thursday.


The annual meeting of the stockholders of the State Bank of Fayette was held last Thursday. A very satisfactory year's business was reviewed and the former officers were re-elected, as follows:

President-C. R. Carpenter

Vice-President-J. A. Claxton

Cashier-F. B. Claxton

Assistant Cashier-M. B. Jones

Assistant Cashier-R. B. Swartz

The directors were also re-elected with one exception, the vacancy caused by the death of A. R. Oelwein being filled by Peter Graf. The other directors are:  J. A. Claxton, F. B. Claxton, J. W. Dickman,  A. J. Fox, O. W. Stevenson, J. B. Boyce, A. A. Carter, and C. R. Carpenter. 



March 14, 1929 Front Page


Fayette Is Host June 18, 19, 20 at the Tenth Annual Affair, for Which Plans Were Made Saturday.

With Harold Baker, Scout Executive from Dubuque, as lead off man, scout officials from Northease Iowa centered at Fayette Saturday and fixed the dates of Juen 18, 19, 20 as the time for the Tenth and Final Round-Up for Iowa Boy Scouts. Fourteen scout leaders were in from five towns for the day and as an extra this year, Upper Iowa University invited the boys to come also, as university guests. While the leaders were in council, University and town co-operated to help the boys put in the day.

Scout leaders of Northeast Iowa, with members of the University faculty, ten years ago, brought the Round-Up idea out as a means of bringing boys together that they might see the meaning and scope of the scout program. National leaders watched it as a unique development for the boys in smaller towns. Now, national headquarters has provided camps in range of all boys so that the pioneering days are over. In that the first Round-Up was held in Fayette, Northeast Iowa leaders, thankful for its services, thought the triumphal year of ten should be celebrated with a Final Wind-Up Round-Up in the three middle days of June. 

Scoutmaster John D. Clinton as president and J. T. Maillie one of the Oelweing Scoutmasters Association. have both been identified with the scout movement ten years.

Among the other officers present were C. J. Ratgaber and Theron Ashby of Oelwein Troop 37; Arthur Schlumbohm, Oelwein Troop 43; Rev. Earle I. Selden and Rev. Jacob C. Krebs, joint leaders of the Methodists and Presbyterians at home, in West Union, and the scout troop thereat; George H. Henn/Heba Jr., Hawkeye Troop 39; Gilbert French, Asst. Scout Master of Troop 49, Oelwein; K. W. Berg, Asst. at Monona; and Assistants Bob Graham and Tom Pritchard of Fayette Troop 31.

The boys were first the forenoon guests Saturday at a special chapel when executive Baker spoke to Upper Iowa University and the scouts. At the next hour Prof. L. E. Blackman let loose his chemical Kinks. As a last experiement a gas tank was unceremoniously opened-and talk about action-those boys were dismissed without the need of a word. the General Electric Co., sent a special movie and then the boys in mixed town patrols were turned loose in town and spent half an hour getting aquainted with new boys and the college museum and the church fireplace. At dinner time local merchants furnished the hot cocoa and Fayette mothers saw that it obtained the right temperature. At the first Fayette County Court of Honor, Scout Ronald Misner of Oelwein was given his 2d Class degree and Asst. Tom Pritchard of Fayette took his music merit badge and Karl Fox took five merit thereby qualifying for Star Scout. At 2:45, Fayette scouts under Robert Graham presented the Ojibway Scalp Dance.

The 84 boys took to "Chief White Crain" and his Fayette Worthles just like the colonial Part did. Fayette boys behind the paint and flannel leggins Saturday were Dick Hall and Dick Baker, James Anderson, John Pelleymounter, Paul Newton, Harry Mongold, Clarence Ressler with Chief Bob himself. As Bob died down in the Devil Dance as program finale, the swim whistle sounded and you should have heard the splash-75 boys in their birthday suits warmly received by the gymnasium pool for their "annual bath" Executive Baker put it.

At 4 o'clock the Community Club cooperating with A. J. Steggall staged a conclusion movie matinee with scout slide,s comedy and talks at the Cozy Theatre where as the big news it was first announced that Round-Up dates would be June 18, 19, and 20. the boys let out a whoop that sounded as if they would be back to Fayette with all their friends and neighbors those days.

The scout leaders then went thru the church on the Hill, and by 5:00 o'clock the cars were all headed out. This visit was the first time some of the men had see the rocks troops brought in three years ago before the fireplace was complete.


~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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