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Fayette County Leader

March 17, 1927 Front Page


Tonight (Thursday) the College League has invited many outside leaguers to come in to the first St. Patrick's banquet. It will be held in the Broad Room. Arlington and Oelwein have reported fine delegations-so also West Union. Sunday at 9:30 the special is by a member of F.H.S. The school might arrive at 300 with you. "The Christian's Hope" is the lesson idea. At 10:30-"Out of the Church" is the idea for the sermon. What are you getting The Junior talk is, "A Shiner." At 6:30 Karl Fox and Marjorie Stranahan divide the Oxford League hour with the topics "What's My Job" and "Who Gets the Pay Check?" At the college league Rev. Clinton is up with the topic, "The Church and the Automobile." The evening recital hour at 7:30 will see Mrs. Collett as reader and Miss Peterson, soloist. 

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