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Fayette County Leader 

July 31, 1924 Front Page



Luncheon Was Served at the Home of Mrs. Austin Fox in the Afternoon.

The Waucoma chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met with Mrs. Austin Fox yesterday afternoon, Jly 30. A five o'clock luncheon was served by the following hostesses:  Mesdames Helen Fox, Juliette Bender, Sarah Parker, Arlie Bray, Misses Elizabeth Stone, Leonora Stone, Blythe Parker, and Janette Bender.

The tables were artistically decorated with red, white and blue sweet peas. Individual favors were corsage bouquets of the same.

After a delicious two course luncheon, the meeting was called to order by the regent, Mrs. Bess Fox. At the close of a short business session the company enjoyed tow readings by Miss Fern Chittenden.

the subject for discussion, "The Presidential Candidates of the Three Leading Parties," was presented by the leader, Miss Janette M. Bender.

the out of town guests were Mesdames Myrle Burkhart, Orra Bevins, Nell Eitel, Misses Nellie and Jennie Smith of Hawkeye; Mesdames Geneva Richards, Janette Adams, Ethel Wayman, Hattie Cochran, Bess Fox of Waucoma; Mesdames Alice Cummings, Candis Davis of Alpha; Mrs. Glessner Webster, Martha Knight, Carrie Paine of Maynard; Mesdames Florence Musser of Postville; Mrs. Sarah Boggs of Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Augusta Peebles of Alvin, Texas; Mrs. Lillie Dooley of Ault, Colo.; Mrs. Ora Ayhmer (or Aylmer, type faint) of Jamestown, N.D.; Miss Dorothy Wells of Marathon, Iowa; Mesdames Allie Sonte, Anna Chittenden and Miss Fern Chittenden of town.  

~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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