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Fayette County Leader

January 26, 1922


Neighborhood News


The Civic Improvement association held its annual meeting for the election of officers Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John Graf. Officers elected were:  President, Mrs. Graf; Vice-president, Mrs. G. C. Denniston; secretary, Mrs. J. D. Parker; Treasurer, Mrs. C. R. Carpenter. Mrs. A. E. Whitney was appointed to fill vacancy on executive board caused by the resignation of Mrs. Gra. New members appointed on the executive board:  Mrs. M. M. Elder, Mrs. D. M. Parker, Mrs. A. J. Fox, Mrs. W. C. Denniston.


The Adult Bible class met last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Davis. the company gathered early and at 6:30 a fine picnic lunch was served cafeteria. the table was prettily decorated with a large birthday cake cut in sixty pieces, in the center. There are fourteen members of the class whose birthday occurs in January, and each one was presented an individual birthday cake, elaborately decorated with frosting and candies and a lighted rose candle. After this ceremony a program was given, consisting of music by the quartet, Prof. Crain and wife and Prof. and Mrs. Van Ness, with Mrs. Tireman at the piano, readings by Misses Fern Chittenden and Ruth Chapman. This was followed by song service led by Prof. Crain. a most delightful time was enjoyed. Those who received the birthday cakes were:  A. A. Carter, Mrs. J. Fawcett; Rev. W. W. Robinson, M. M. Elder, James Whitley, Mrs. Etta Roberts, Mrs. A. B. Curran, J. Pritchard, J. M. Davis, Mrs. Fred Chittenden, Mr. Ritchie, Mrs. J. Doughty, Mrs. G. O. Stone, Mrs. Charlotte Fox. Immediately preceding the luncheon the class presented Mrs. A. B. Curran a bouquet of lovely carnations. 

G. O. Stone, Mrs. Charlotte Fox. Immediately preceding the luncheon the class presented 


The Week's Doings

A joint installatin of officers of Pleiades Lodge A. F. & A. M. and O. E. S. Chapter took place at Masonic hall Wednesday evening, Jan. 18. With P. W. M., H. I. Robinson installing officer, and O. W. Stevenson, Marshal, the officers of Pleiades Ldge were installed as follows:  E. J. Bray, W. M. A. B. Carter, S. W.; Henry Salisburgy, J. W.; J. W. Burget, Secretary; R. A. Strayer, S. D.; E. N Humiston, J. D.; W. J. Brown, S. S.; George Brown, Tyler, C. R. Carpenter, treasurer-elect, and Harold Humiston, J.S.-elect, were not present. E. J. Bray presented H. I. Robinson a P.W.M. jewel as a token of appreciation of the work done during his term of office. At the close of these ceremonies, P.W.M. Mrs. D. J. Rosebrook, assisted by Mrs. E. J. Bray, inducted the officers-elect of Fayette Chapter O.E.S. into their respective offices for the coming year. Mrs. Helen Fox, W.M.; J. W. Crain, W.P.; Mrs. Arlie Bray, A.M.; Mrs. Rose Thompson, Secretary; Mrs. Maude Finch, Con.; Mrs. Bessie Smith, A. C.; Mrs. Emma Clothier, chaplian; Mrs. Amanda Hunt, Marshall; Mrs. Jessie Hathaway, Organist; Mrs. Florence Holmes, Adah; Mrs. Gertrude Pinch, Ruth; Mrs. Minnie Humiston, Esther; Mrs. Rose Caudle, Martha; Miss Letha Mouser, electa; Mrs. Olive Rawson, Warder; W. E. Hunt, Sentinel. In behalf of the Chapter O. W. Stevenson tendered Mrs. H. I. Robinson a Past Matron's pin in appreciation of he service, as Worthy matron. a bountiful picnic lunch with ice cream and coffee were served and a social hour enjoyed There were about ninety present. 

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