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Thank You to the Public

from the Fayette Fire Company

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Fayette County Leader


June 3, 1920 To The Public


The Fayette Fire Company wish to thank the people of Fayette in contributing to the Fire Fund. We have ordered 200 feet of new hose, two 5-gallon extinguishers (each one will throw a stream 50 feet), two smoke masks and a few other small articles. As yet we have not received the hose and extinguishers.


In the past when the whistle blew the car or wagon which was there to haul the hose cart and firemen has generally been loaded before the firemen could get the hose out of the house. Then there has always been more or less yelling "go ahead," "ready," or something else and the man driving would nto know whether we were ready or not and in most cases were not.

We kindly appreciate all assistance but earnestly ask the citizens to give the Fire Company the preference as we feel that this will cause less confusion and give better satisfaction.


Following is the list of members of the Fire company and their respective positions:


E. N. Hartman, Chief

Hose Cart.

Will Kelly, 1st Assistant Chief-nozzle

A. J. [Austin J.] Fox 2d Assistant Chief-nozzle

A. B. Carter-nozzle

Will Lynch, Marshall-nozzle

Peter Graf-hydrant

Frank Swartley, hydrant

Ed Knight-coupler

H. I. Robinson-coupler 

Ralph Brown-coupler

Horace Troy-coupler

Ralph McLease-coupler

Charles Pelleymounter-coupler

 Hook and Ladder Wagon.

charles Earle-1st Chief

Harry Schroeder-2d Chief

Paul Reid-Marshal

L. E. Burget

Fred Hungerford

Ralph Humphrey

E. Fussell

Harold Swift

Al Keels

M. B. Dennis

Harris McCann.


~ Transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham, MSOT, OTR


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