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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

July 17, 1930


Illyria Church Notes

. . .The date for the Community Day has been set for August 8. The following committees will have charge of the affair.

Speaker-Otis Rothlisberger, Alden Peters, W. L. Peters.

Music-La Fonda Shaffer, Kathryn Ogle, Mabel Rothlisberger.

Grounds-Walter Rothlisberger, Howard Shaffer, Earl Rothlisberger, Chas. Rothlisberger, Thos. Shaffer.

Stand-Ella Foxwell, Guy Ernst, Clarence Thoman.

Program-Helen Rothlisberger, Mabel Rothlisberger, Leone Kerr, La Fonda Shaffer.

Sports-Geo. Snyder, Floyd Ernst, Kenneth Medberry.

Baby Contest-Jessie Rothlisberger, Mary Ogle, Nellie McKellar.




July 24, 1930


Illyria Township Farm Bureau Women’s Report

The following meetings were held on the lessons on pillows:  Mrs. Milo Oldfather at her home; Ruby Robbins at her home; Marie Gehring at the home of Mrs. Alfred Johnson; Marie Gehring at the home of Mrs. Rob. Ernst; Mrs. Harold Strong at the home of Mrs. Henry Feller; Dorothy Twchantz at the home of Mrs. Will Frey; Edna Corkery at her home.


The report for the year is as follows:  total meetings held 38; total attendance 332; flower baskets made 85; sandwich trays made 74; waste paper baskets made 4; lamp shades 32; chairs; recanted 8; book ends 29; portfolios and book covers 31; sofa pillows 69. There no doubt have been more of each of the articles named made then we have record of.


The leaders and her cooperators have worked hard and faithful and we feel that the women’s work has gone over bigger and better than ever before. We are hoping even more enthusiasm will be shown when the new project is undertaken.


The next monthly meeting of the Farm Bureau will be held at the Illyria church August 14. The program is in charge of La Fonda Shaffer, Ella Peters, Otis Rothlisberger and Edward Wenger.



July 31, 1930

Illyria Items



The 1930 picnic of the Foxwell family was held at the hold home in Illyria Sunday, July 27, with all members present except those living at a distance who were unable to attend. A picnic dinner and a program enlivened the occasion held in honor of this excellent pioneer Fayette county family. Those present were:  S. H. Foxwell and family, Mary and Ella Foxwell, Katie Foxwell Richards, Amy Richards and Bert Hall of West Union, I. F. Shaffer and family, Alden Peters, Leone Kerr, Fred Rothlisberger and family, Arthur Humphrey, Ivan Medberry and family, all of Elgin, Ed Knoke and family and Ruth Robbins of Decorah, Charlotte Medberry of Fayette, Francis L. Robbins and family and Jessie Vivian Medberry of Oelwein, Wm. P. Kanner and family of Oelwein, Rev. J. J. Snyder, Phillip  Snyder, and Leona wilt, Mrs. E. G. Anderson and Olive and Myron Duckett of Wisconsin.

The 1931 picnic will be held in West Union with Katie Richards.



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