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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

March 22, 1929



H. O. Heston, who has been ill since March 1, has finally had his trouble diagnosed as malta fever. His physician has suspected this for some time and sent tests to the state health department for confirmation, the result of their tests being returned last week and supporting the local diagnosis.

This is the third case of malta fever [Brucellosis] in Elgin. W. C. Falb was first two years ago, then Mrs. Robert Peters and now Mr. Heston. The last mentioned was sick a long time before he realized the seriousness of his case and at times was about his work with a fever of 103. He is taking good care of himself now and is practically past all danger.

Several years ago, when malta fever was a rare disease, the doctors thought that the only way a person could get the disease was by using or coming in contact with milk from abortive cows or goats. Later this is disproved and they have found it can be communicated to people by eating pork or chicken and by coming in close contact with smaller animals such as cats and dogs.



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