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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

November 4, 1926




At a meeting of the Farm Bureau board of Directors October 30, it was decided to set aside December 13 as the date for the annual meeting at Fayette. An invitation has been sent to Charles Hearst, President of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, to appear on the program.

A program committee appointed by President Eitel was made up of Mrs. Rob. Turner, Mrs. Alex Ross, Gus Belschner, Ray Rowland, J. D. Hoyt and B. W. Lodwick, chairman.


The personnel of the nominating committee for the annual meeting was made up of E. U. Farr, chairman, F. J. Campbell, Herman Hus, G. E. Sauerbry, J. S. McSweeney, P.P. Stewart, and Fred Rothlisberger.


A resolution committee was named to draw resolutions to be presented at the annual meeting. The members of  this committee are:  P. O. Stewart, chairman, Thore Thompson, Charles Hoyt, B. O. Henderson and Fred Talcott.


The question of protective associations was discussed at the board meeting. County Agent Lodwick stated that  a number of counties now have a protective association which protects each Farm Bureau member. The plan commonly followed in other counties is to offer a $100 reward for the capture and conviction of a thief caught stealing from a Farm Bureau member. A committee was appointed to investigate the possibilities of a similar association for Fayette County. The members of the committee are:  Albert Kohlmeyer, chairman, C.I.B. Holtaman and Wallace Peters





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