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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

February 19, 1925


Wadena Creamery Has Good Year


The annual meeting of the Riverside Mutual Creamery Association of Wadena, was held Saturday, February 14, in the Odd Fellows’ Hall. The meeting was well attended by the members of the association and was called to order by the president, Wallace Peters. The first matter of business was the electing of a secretary  and on motion, F. I. Schroeder was elected.


J. H. Wilson secretary of the association, read the minutes of the last meeting and they were approved as read. The secretary, then read a report of the business done during the past year which showed that over $104,000 worth of business was done by the association during the past year. Quite an increase over the year before. W. F. More and Dean [?] Culbertson with the secretary were to act as teller to count the ballots, to see who were elected as directors of the association and after the balloting, while they were counting the votes, several short addresses were made. The first to speak was L. Popenhagen, the butter-maker. His talk was short but to the point. He urged the farmers to hold up the quality of their cream. J. H. Wilson spoke next along the lines of the future outlook of their butter which he said looked good at the present time. Fred Dinster and George Thompson received certificates for perfect cream during the past year. The secretary stated that they were the only two men who could boast of this. Mr. Harmer, butter-maker at Oelwein, was present and gave a short talk on good cream and what it means to the farmer in better prices for their butter. After this the president made a few remarks which were followed by C. Bechtelheimer, secretary of the Iowa Creamery Association. He gave quite a long talk on the benefits of co-operation of the creameries of Iowa. We were pleased to have with us, Ray Anderson, secretary of the farm bureau of Fayette county. His talk was short, but was very good. The last speaker was F. W. Stephenson of Oelwein, of the state department of agriculture and pure-food inspector. There was much food for thought in his talk and was enjoyable. After this the following business was taken up and it was voted to discontinue scoring and pay two cents extra for sweet cream and the members and non-members of the association be paid the same price.


The following men were elected as directors:  L. Hunsberger, J. H. Wilson, A. E. Oldfather, Ed Wenger, Ed Raftis, Dave Jellinger, T. Thompson, W. [L.] Peters, J. M. Frey and Rich Probert.  




~ transcribed and contributed by Crystal A. Bingham <>

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