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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

July 3, 1919

Front Page

Pure Bred Beef Calf Club of Fayette County.

Fayette county, completed the organization for its first Pure Bred Beef Heifer Calf Club, with nineteen boys and one girl as members. The organization was completed at Fayette, Saturday, June 28, when calves were appointed to the club members by lot. The calves were all purebred Short Horn yearling heifers bought of Fayette county breeders. The average cost was $140.00 and they were apportioned to the boys at a price ranging from $95.00 to $185.00. The committee that appraised the calves was composed of W. W. Whitford, Volga City and Mr. Benson of Elkader.

The calves will be exhibited at the County Fair, in which the Fair Assn. Is giving $100 in premium. The prizes range from $14 down. Every boy will receive something.

Next spring, at the conclusion of the club, a sale will be held, and the club members will receive the difference between the present value of the calves and price then received

The following are the members of the club:  Samuel Homles, Grave Whitley, William Pfeiffer, Arthur Whitley, Scott Ostyrander, Herbert Jones, Clare Davis, Phil Winegar, Norman Clotheir, [all of] Fayette, Lester Schmitt, Robert Evans, Roland Cummings, Donald Kruse, [all of] Maynard, Aulden Peters, Wadena, Otis Rothlisberger,  Herschel Shaffer, [all of] Elgin, Arnaldo Meisgeir, Arlington, Sidney Hall and George Boess [of] Hawkeye.



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