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Elgin Echo Newspaper

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Elgin Echo

Elgin, Iowa

May 4, 1905 


Tuesday evening the report was brought to this city that a tramp had insulted Mrs. Chas. Peters, who resides near Brainard. The story as we get it is this:  the lady had taken her husband's dinner to him, he being at work in a field some distance from the house, an when returning she was chased by this pretention of a man who, without saying a word, got up from the side of the railroad track where he had been lying in the sun, and exhibiting his person, ran after her. Mrs. Peters ran from the railroad where she was walking down the embankment and back onto the track again. The fellow following her. The fellow following her. The lady's cries attracted the attention of Wm. Gruver and his section men who were near by and hastened to her assistance. Upon their approach the brute gave up the chase but made no effort to escape, he simply put his hand in his hip pocket and awaited developments. Mr. Gruver walked home with the lady. Information was filed with Justice Helms who swore in two deputies, who went after and soon landed their man. Word was snet Sheriff Culver, who was soon on the ground. The fellow was taken to West Union where he was ledged in the county jail. It is thought that the fellow is "daffy," but nevertheless he should be taken care of.

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Passed by Cedar Camp, No. 8396, M.W.A., of Highland, Iowa, in memory of Lydia Reynolds.

WHEREAS we are often arrested suddenly by the grim King of Death who throws his weird presence across our pathway, compelling us to listen to his voice, and look hard upon his work; it is difficult sometimes to realize that his shadow has crossed the threshold of those whom we hold dear.

WHEREAS the silent unrelenting tomb toward which we are all hastening has entangled within its walls the sister of our brothers Roy, Edgar and A. W. Kimball, who are among our most highly esteemed citizens and friends.

RESOLVED that we tender them in their hour of sorrow, the sympathy of hearts that feel deeply for them and earnestly commend them to our Father's care and guidance. 

RESOLVED that a copy of these resolutions be furnished the bereaved brothers and that they be published in the ELGIN ECHO.

R.H. [Robert Henry PETERS, C.M. FRITZ, FRED REICHERT, Committee.

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May 11, 1905


It will be remembered that last week the ECHO made mention of a tramp who had insulted Mrs. Chas. Peters, who resides near Brainard. The fellow was captured, taken to West Union and as the grand jury was in session his case came up in quick order and justice was dealt out to him on short notice. He was acquitted on account of insufficient evidence, but, mind you, he was warned out of the county in two days. We may be mistaken and of course do not know the evidence which was given before the grand jury, but we will venture that if the story was told them as it was us there was enough evidence to put the follow where he would not chase unprotected women for some time to come. The next thing we would like to have explained is, why Wm. Gruver, the man who was first to the lady's assistance, and who probably knew more of the facts than any other person, escaped being subpoenaed as a witness in the case. We have said and will say again that the law regarding this kind of crime is not severely enforced in the part of the country and the time is coming when something will have to be done about the matter. If you think there is nothing in what the ECHO chooses to say, for instance, just stop and think of the many crimes of this character which have been perpetrated within a radius of seventy-five miles of our city in the past 2 1/2 years and you will give the matter more thought.

Then tell us that a fiend, in the shape of a man, can lie along a railroad track and when a woman passes him, jump up and chase her (his purpose not being accomplished in this instance, but his intent clear) that there is not sufficient evidence to prosecute. We acknowledge we do not know the evidence to prosecute. We acknowledge we do not know the evidence produced in this instance, but we also assert that more than one black devil of the south has gone a glimmering for just such acts as the fellow in this case attempted. He made the attempt, insulted Mrs. Peters and if justice were done, would have been punished. 

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