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March 1885

"We find the following local item telegraphed to the Cedar Rapids Republican from Fayette, Marcy 6, 1885.

The saloon of Simon Nefzger, at Lima, in this county, was raided night before last and a small quantity of whisky found yesterday morning. Nefzger and his clerk were both arrested for selling and the trial fixed for today. They came by their attorney, L. L. AINSWORTH, of West Union, proposing to quit the business totally and forever and pay all costs and expenses, including attorney for prosecution. Being satisfied that the proposition was made in good faith and would be adhered to, the prosecution did not appear. The costs were promptly paid and there is one less saloon in Iowa. It does prohibit."

July 3, 1885

"Mrs. C. and Henry, wife and son of S. Nefzger, of West Albany, returned last Saturday, from a visit to her sister, the wife of Fred HIPP, probate judge of Crawford Co., Ohio, and other relatives and friends whom she had not seen for 28 years."

July 12, 1885

"Runaway Accident"

"A serious accident , seeming almost a miracle that it terminated without the loss of life, occurred on last Sunday, July 5th. Mrs. C. C. Nefzger, in company with Miss Mary HULVERSON, was returning in a buggy with single horse from the funeral of David THOMPSON. They turned west from the Clermont road just this side of Mr. MABB's farm, thinking there would be less dust. They had not driven more than forty rods when Mrs. Nefzger in looking back noticed a team coming at breakneck speed, having already broken loose from the conveyance they had been driven to. She did not see them in time to get out of the way entirely, although she whipped her horse and turned him out of the road thinking to give the runaways the entire track, but they were coming so fast that she could not get out of the way. One of the horses jumped into the back part of the carriage and the other over the wheel at the side, the first one getting his feet caught in the wheel and spring in such a way that he could not get loose. While in this condition both horses were exerting every nerve to get away. The entire top of the carriage was crushed over the head of Mrs. Nefzger, while her companion was shoved through the dashboard with the carriage top onto the back of their horse. Finally the horse at the side of the carriage broke loose from his mate and ran away. Mr. Dan THOMPSON being just in advance managed to control his team and tied them to the fence, and then returned to the assistance of Mrs. Nefzger, who finally succeeded in crawling out over the front end of her buggy to the ground. Mr. THOMPSON then helped her and her companion into his wagon and they reached home, both very badly bruised. The carriage was entirely demolished, every spoke in one wheel being broken out, both thills broken, the top, seat, and box being literally torn to pieces, and in fact, the entire vehicle was destroyed. We understand that the team was one owned by Mr. Asher SIMER. One of them is an old runaway and the other a blind horse, that is also fond of a race sometimes. It seems that the team had been driven to the funeral by Mrs. SIMER, her daughter, a couple of boys and several children, and that on their return the team became frightened and ran away. Several of the occupants of the wagon were jarred somewhat, but we do not know at this writing to what extent. Mrs. Nefzger is under the care of Dr. DARNALL."

January 31, 1896

"A Party of Bold Gentlemen from Growler's Gulch Get Into Trouble"

"Simon Nefzger, merchant and postmaster of Lima, was robbed last Friday night. The thieves took between $20 and $30 in cash, about fifty pairs of pantaloons, a dozen coats, two sacks of flour, a bolt of muslin and a miscellaneous collection of jack-knives and pipes.

The robbery occurred early in the evening. The clock had not yet struck seven. Mr. Nefzgar was alone in the store. No thought of danger had entered his mind, for pirates are not given as a usual thing to swooping down upon Lima and carrying away booty in armfuls. Even when the door opened and an elderly man entered, his suspicions were not awakened. The man, who by the way was the senior WARTHAM, the king of Growler's Gulch, said that he was on his way to Wadena from West Union. He had forgotten to get kerosene and wanted to buy some. This was reasonable enough, so Mr. Nefzgar went to the cellar to get the oil, and Mr. Wartham accompanied him to hold the light.

While in the cellar, Mr. Nefzgar thought he heard some one in the store, and communicated the impression to Mr. Wartham. Of course Mr. Wartham had heard nothing. He went to the cellar to hear nothing, and that's what he heard and nothing more.

When they climbed the stairs the store was empty. Soon Frank HELMS, a patron of the office, came for his mail and departed. Mr. Wartham tendered a dollar in pay for the kerosene. Mr. Nefzgar went to the till for change, and then the game became to unfold itself.

I've been robbed!, he exclaimed. The king of the Gulch was astonished. You don't say!, he said; must have been that fellow who was just in here." . . . . . . .


Henry Nefzger & wife, Margaret (HAMRICK) Nefzger
May 11, 1938

"ALL LIFE IN ONE HOUSE - Henry Nefzger, Lima, Passes 76th Birthday on Spot Where He Was Born - LIMA - Henry Nefzger celebrated his seventy-sixth birthday May 6. He still lives in the house in which he was born in 1862, and which was bought by his father, Simon Nefzger in 1859 from Albert Albertson. Albertson and Ed Smith laid out the town in 1854 and called it Albertson, but this name was later changed to Albany. A part of the original house is still in use, and this part is lathed with hand split lath. More recent additions have been made on the house Mr. and Mrs. Nefzger will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary next August."Henry Nefzger & wife, Margaret (HAMRICK) Nefzger

August 24, 1938


"GOLDEN WEDDING - HENRY NEFZGERS - -Lima Couple Will Celebrate Next Sunday; Have Many Relatives - - Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nefzger will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary next Sunday with a family gathering at the Albany park, which is owned by Mr. Nefzger. Relatives from Mason City, Waterloo, Oelwein, Maynard, West Union, Fayette, and Rochester, Minn. are expected to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Nefzger's anniversary was Aug. 17, and on that day they were guests in the home of a granddaughter, Mrs. Frank RICHARDS, Fayette. Their two daughters, Mrs. John DOLAND and Mrs. James McCARRON, and granddaughter, Mrs. Harold Mullins, and baby were also present.

Mr. Nefzger was born May 6, 1862, in the house where he still lives, the son of Simon and Christena Nefzger. He has one brother living, August (Bub) Nefzger, Vida, Mont., who was seventy-eight on Aug. 17.

Mrs. Nefzger was born at Belle-Plaine, Iowa, Feb. 25, 1872, the daughter of James and Ida HAMRICK, and came with her parents to Albany when she was about thirteen years old and she has resided there ever since.

Mr. and Mrs. Nefzger have four children: Essie, Mrs. John DOLAND, Fayette; Elmer, on a farm near Albany; Maude, Mrs. James McCARRON, Fayette; Floyd, butter maker in West Union. They have eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Mrs. Nefzger has one sister, Mrs. Will REED, Maynard; two brothers, Charles HAMRICK, Fayette; and John HAMRICK, Maynard; also, one half-sister, Mrs. Eugene PALMER, Waterloo, and four half-brothers: Lester FAUSER, Fayette; Arthur and Paul FAUSER, Oelwein; and Peter FAUSER, Fayette; a half brother, Grover, A World war veteran, died a few years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Nefzger are in good health doing the work of home and raising chickens and garden and doing other chores. Ninety-five people attended the golden wedding anniversary of and Mrs. Henry Nefzger. Several beautifully decorated cakes were presented, and a nice sum of money was given to them. They had many calls in the afternoon from old friends and neighbors."




June 1946

"DEATH SUMMONS MRS. H.<F.> (should be S.) NEFZGER - SUCCUMBS at NEW HAMPTON HOSPITAL WEDNESDAY; BURIAL AT LIMA - Mrs. Henry S. Nefzger, 74, passed away Wed. evening at the New Hampton Hospital following an illness of several week's duration.

Margaret Mae HAMRICK was born Feb. 25, 1872, at Belle Plaine, Iowa, the daughter of James Edward and Ida HAMRICK.

After the death of her father, the family moved to Fayette County, Iowa, where she grew to womanhood and attended the rural schools. Soon after coming here, her mother married Adolph FAUSER, who was a beloved father to the children.
Margaret was united in marriage to Henry S. Nefzger August 17, 1888, and came as a bride to his home at Albany, where they lived for nearly fifty-six years. To this union four children were born, all of whom besides the husband survive. They are Essie, Mrs. John DOLAND; Maude, Mrs. James McCARRON; Elmer, all of Fayette, and Floyd of Forest Park, Ill. Mrs. Nefzger's home was always her first interest but she gave her time unselfishly to friends and neighbors who needed her assistance.

Besides the beloved husband and children she leaves two brothers, Charles HAMRICK of Yacolt, Wash., John HAMRICK of Maynard, a sister, Mrs. Will REID, of Fayette, one half-sister, Mrs. Eugene PALMER of Waterloo, three half-brothers, Arthur FAUSER of Westgate, Lester and Peter FAUSER of Fayette, thirteen grand children, and three great grand children.

Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at the Lima church conducted by Rev. G. W. UKENA.

Casket bearers were Doyle NEFZGER, Duane NEFZGER, Paul DOLAND, Ralph PIXLER, Harold MULLINS, and Harley CUE.


Interment at Lima cemetery."


The following is information not in the above article which is included in another obituary.

". . . Due to failing health, Mr. and Mrs. Nefzger sold their farm to their grandson, Dale Nefzger, and moved to Fayette so that they might be near their children. . . . Burial was in Lima Cemetery with three grandsons and three grandsons-in-law as pallbearers. . . . One brother and two half-brothers preceded her in death."


Floyd Nefzger

(Son of Henry & Margaret Nefzger)

July 10, 1980 - "Funeral services were held at Belles-Wright Funeral Home July 17 for Floyd C. Nefzger, 77, Pastor David Poganski of Grace Lutheran Church, officiated, and burial was in the Grandview Cemetery.

Nefzger died July 2 in Brookfield, Ill.; services had been held there Saturday at St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
Survivors are Mrs. Jack (Marilyn) LASCHINSKI of Carol Stream, Ill.; one son, David, of Washington, D.C.; three granddaughters; two sisters-in-law, Mrs. Pearl NEFZGER of Fayette, and Mrs. Martha HOMEWOOD of West Union; and many nieces and nephews.

Casket bearers were Doyle NEFZGER of West Union; Duane NEFZGER of Independence; Russell DICKINSON and Scott OSTRANDER of Fayette.

Nefzger was a former Fayette and West Union resident. He was a butter maker in West Union for many years."


(No date on clipping) "Nefzgar Burial Services - Graveside services were held Wednesday morning at Grandview Cemetery, Fayette, for Mrs. Floyd Nefzgar, Brookfield, Illinois, a former Fayette and West Union resident. She is survived by her husband; one daughter, Marilyn, of Chicago; __ sisters, including Martha HOMEWOOD, West Union; two brothers, including Walter PIERCE, Fayette; one sister-in-law, Pearl NEFZGAR, Fayette; three grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews in the Oelwein, West Union, and Fayette area."


Elmer S. & Eva Pearl Nefzger

(Son of Henry S. & Margaret Nefzger)

No date on clipping: "Fayette couple's 57th anniversary celebrated - FAYETTE - Guests Saturday evening, Jan. 15, in the Elmer Nefzger home in honor of their 57 wedding anniversary, which is Jan. 19, were their children, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Nefzger and Larry; and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph PIXLER and Dennis West Union; Mr. and Mrs. Duane Nefzger, Oelwein; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nefzger and family, Independence; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nefzger and Lisa; and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon SMITH, Fayette."


June 21, 1973

"Fayette Resident's Rites Conducted Recently - Funeral services for Elmer Nefzger, 80, lifelong resident of the Fayette, Albany area and retired farmer who died June 8 at Palmer Memorial Hospital were held June 11 at 10:30 a.m. at Belles-Wright Funeral home with Rev. James Dale officiating. Burial was at Grandview cemetery. Pallbearers were Gene SINGER, Robert LANDAS and Russell DICKINSON, Fayette; Paul OELBERT, West Union; Wayne EARLE and Alfred HANSEN, Oelwein.

Elmer Nefzger was born Oct. 28, 1892, the son of Henry Simon and Margaret (HAMRICK) NEFZGER. On Jan 19, 1915, he married Eva Pearl SCOTT at Independence. They were the parents of seven children. The couple farmed in the Albany area until 194_ when they moved to Fayette. He was preceded in death by his parents and one sister, Essie (several illegible words) ___ ____ ____ ______ and one granddaughter, Shelly. Survivors include his wife, Pearl, four sons, Doyle, West Union; Duane, (Bud), Oelwein; Robert, Fayette; and Paul (Dick), Independence; two daughters, Opal, Mrs. Ralph PIXLER, West Union; and Jean, Mrs. Gordon SMITH, Fayette; and one sister, Mrs. James McCARRON, Fayette, and one brother, Floyd, Brookfield, Ill.; 15 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren."


(No date on clipping)

"FAYETTE - Eva Pearl Nefzger, 91, of Fayette, died Tuesday, Feb. 20, at Maplecrest Manor, Fayette, of natural causes; survivors include four sons, Doyle of West Union; Duane "Bud" of Apache Junction, Ariz.; Bob of Fayette; and Dick of Independence; two daughters, Opal PIXLER of Oelwein; and Joan SMITH of Fayette; 15 grandchildren; three step grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; two step great-grandchildren; and a sister, Alta COPEMAN of Grundy Center; she was preceded in death by her husband, Elmer, in 1973; a son, Dale; two sisters, Tina and Maude; two brothers, Vern and Bert; two half brothers, Clifford and William; a grandchild; and a great-grandchild; services will be 11 a.m. Friday at Becker-Milnes Funeral Home, Fayette; burial in Grandview Cemetery, Fayette; friends may call after 5 p.m. today at the funeral home and one hour before services . . . . "


Doyle & Shirley Nefzger

(Son of Elmer & Eva Pearl Nefzger)

(only date on clipping is 1990) "Doyle Nefzger - WEST UNION - Doyle Nefzger, 71, died Tuesday morning at Palmer Lutheran Health Center, West Union. He is survived by one son, Larry, and a daughter, Mrs. Deanna Miller, both of West Union; one grandchild; two step-grandchildren; a great-grandson; two sisters, Opal Pixler, Oelwein, and Joan Smith, Fayette; three brothers: Duane (Bud) Nefzger, Apache Junction, Ariz.; Robert (Bob) Nefzger, Fayette; and Richard (Dick) Nefzger, Independence. As private services will be held there will be no visitation. Burnham-Wood Funeral Home, West Union, handled arrangements. Mr. Nefzger was a retired Fayette County employee."


(Sun - Aug 13, 1989) "Shirley Nefzger - WEST UNION - There will be no services for Shirley Nefzger, 53, of West Union; she died Thursday night (Aug. 10) at Palmer Lutheran Center, West Union, of natural causes; survivors include her husband, Doyle, of West Union; a son, Larry Nefzger of West Union, a daughter, Deanna Miller of West Union; three grandchildren; her mother, Eva Bailey, of Fayette; a brother, Arthur Bailey, of Huntington Beach, Calif.; and a sister, Dorothy Frommelt, of Elkader; she was preceded in death by her father and a grandson; there will be no visitation; Burnham and Wood Funeral Home, West Union, are in charge of arrangements."


Dale William Nefzger

(Son of Elmer & Eva Pearl Nefzger)

(1969) "NEFZGER RITES HELD AT FAYETTE FRIDAY - FAYETTE - Funeral services for Dale Nefzger, 46, who died suddenly last Tuesday were conducted at 2:30 p.m. Friday from Belles-Wright Funeral Home with Dr. George Carl officiating. Interment was in Grandview cemetery with William Nelson, Jr., Clermont; Robert Loban, Oelwein; Harold Homewood, Russell Dickinson, William Orr, and Robert Steinbronn as pallbearers.


Dale William Nefzger was born on a farm near Fayette on Dec. 6, 1922, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nefzger. He grew up and went to school at Albany and Fayette, graduating from Fayette High school in 1940. He attended Upper Iowa College, Fayette, and was later employed at aircraft factories at Glendale, Calif., and Omaha, Neb. He entered the U. S. Army in 1946 and served with the infantry in Korea. After returning from overseas duty in the Pacific theater he was discharged with the rank of Staff Sergeant. The past 20 years he engaged in farming near Fayette.


Surviving are his wife, Linda, a daughter, Shelly; two daughters by a previous marriage, Dalyn and Charla, Oelwein; a stepdaughter; his parents, four brothers, Doyle, West Union; Duane, Oelwein; Robert, Fayette; Richard, Independence, and two sisters: Opal, Mrs. Ralph Pixler, West Union; and Joan, Mrs. Gordon Smith, Fayette.


Relatives from a distance attending funeral for Dale Nefzger were Floyd Nefzger, Chicago, Ill., and daughter, Mrs. Jack Laschinski, Wheaton, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Harrison, Rochester, Minn.; and others from West Union, Independence, Decorah, Waterloo, Arlington, Clermont, Maynard, and Oelwein."


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