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Mexican-American War


Mexican-American War 1846-1848

Two Veterans of The Mexican War

With the approach of a war with Mexico beginning at Vera Cruz it is interesting to know that there are two veterans of the first war with Mexico that dates back to the late 40's. One of these men H.D. Wood, is a resident of Oelwein, while the other, Chauncey Smith, resides in Lima. The cuts of these two veterans are published in The Register through the courtesy of the West Union Argo-Gazette. They are interesting at this phase of the nation's history because the men living are few who were engaged in that early struggle.

H.D. Wood

H. D. Wood, Mexican War Veteran H.D. Wood, of Oelwein, enlisted in an Illinois regiment and landed at Vera Cruz in September, 1847. With his regiment under General Winfield Scott, he fought and marched from that city to the City of Mexico and was present when it was surrendered to the Americans. He was then but nineteen yeas of age, but recalls the events of the wonderful march with the intervening battles as readily as events of recent years - possibly more so. He was in the Mexican "unpleasantness" for a year. He relates with much interest the startling events of battles and the skirmishes with the Mexicans sixty-seven years ago. He was 86 years of age April 8th, and he reads the accounts of the capture of Vera Cruz the resent month with special interest since he was there at its investment back in 1847.

Chauncey Smith

Chauncey Smith, of Lima, the other veteran of the old war with Mexico, also recalls the days when he fought for Uncle Sam. Although well past the four score year period of life the days when Generals Taylor and Scott showed the Mexicans some new features in warfare are an open book to him. Chauncey Smith, Mexican War Veteran

~Oelwein Register, April 29, 1914, Oelwein, Fayette county, Iowa

~ submitted by Sharyl Ferrall, Iowa Old Press



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