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Iowa Civil War Soldiers


Boale Cemetery
Sec. 1, Windsor Twp.,
Elevation 1227 feet  142.993N   91.84W

Fayette County Gravestone Photo Project


GPP Surname Given Name Co. Regiment Information Sec. Blk Lot
x Brown William O. G/H 38th Reg. IA Vol. age 18, Residence, Windsor, nativity New York. Enlisted 14 Aug 1862, died 5 Aug 1863, Vicksburg, MS. from disease. . . .
x Cummings Thomas J. G 38th Reg. IA  Vol. Pvt. age 26, Residence, Windsor, nativity Canada; enlisted 11 Aug 1862; mustered out 9 Sept 1862; died 13 Aug 1863, Vicksburg, MS; pension #155,888 . . .
x Linderman Erastus S. F 38th IA Inf. Corp. 20 Aug 1862; died 2 Aug 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. Age 41, residence West Union, nativity New York, enlisted 20 Aug 1862 as 2nd Corp; died of disease 2 Aug 1863, Vicksburg, MS. He died of typhoid fever 2 Aug 1863, at Vicksburg, Miss. For the families who could afford it, a number of bodies were brought home during the winter. According to Mary Ann Berkey, in a letter to her husband Captain Jameson Berkey, she attended the funeral of several men at West Union on 11 Feb 1864. "Brown[s] son [William O. Brown] & [Albert] Tracy & [Thomas J.] Comings funeral sermon was all preached at one time at the Brick Church [West Union] & we went to the grave to see Lindermans & Browns burial they was buried over by Boales School house (Boales Pioneer Cemetery corner of M Avenue and 250th St, Windsor Twp.) ... D.P. Campbell officiated at the graves." References: The Marihugh - Berkey Civil War Letters, University of Kentucky - Lexington. Transcribed by Glenn E. Marihugh and Karen Loeffelman. NO STONE

NOTE: Campbell, David P. Age 26, residence West Union, nativity Ohio, appointed Second Lieutenant 11 Aug 1862; resigned 13 Aug 1863.
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