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Fayette County, Iowa  

 History Directory

Past and Present of Fayette County Iowa, 1910

Author: G. Blessin


B. F. Bowen & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Vol. I, Biographical Sketches



~Page 986~



George L. Doane


No doubt the many friends and admirers of the estimable and well known lady whose name introduces this biographical review will be glad to learn more of her life record than a mere casual acquaintance could elicit, for she has long been an important factor in social and educational circles of the county and is the representative of a fine old family. Carrie J. Doane, of Fairfield township, Fayette county, was born in this community, April 24, 1864, and is the daughter of George L. and Sarah A. (Bullock) Doane, the father a native of Brookfield, Massachusetts, born April 30, 1825, and died, after a life replete with honor and success, on November 25, 1908. The mother, a native of Kinderhook, New York, was born June 9, 1827, and died November 17, 1908, preceding her husband to the silent land only a few days, after a long and happy journey together down life’s royal path. They had often expressed the wish that they might be taken away simultaneously, so the good angel set the seal upon their life records practically at the same time, and they are sleeping the sleep of the just in Taylorsville cemetery. They were married in New York state, February 25, 1847, and they began their married life there. Although Mr. Doane was a railroad civil engineer, he lived on a fruit farm and devoted considerable time to its cultivation, remaining there until 1855, when he and his family, consisting of his wife and four children, emigrated to Fayette county, Iowa, and located on the farm where they continued to live the rest of their lives.


Carrie J. Doane grew to womanhood on the home place, where she still lives, and which she manages in a very satisfactory and successful manner, being a woman of good business ability and sound judgment. She keeps the place well improved and it yields abundant harvests annually. The place consists of one hundred and forty acres, which lies adjoining the former site of Taylorsville, and an upper room in the present Doane residence was used as a hall for the transaction of town business, Mr. Doane also maintained the postoffice in his dwelling, having been postmaster for some time. Being a notary public, he did a great deal of legal business and was a prominent and influential man in the affairs of this locality. He was a public spirited citizen and well known throughout the county. He was very precise in all he did and was considered a model farmer, and he gave much attention to the setting out and symmetrical arrangement of shrubbery about the place, always keeping beautiful surroundings, which now has the appearance of a fine old landmark and pioneer homestead. He was a man of esthetic tastes, being a great lover of flowers and kept many choice varieties, in which he took a great deal of pride. He was also an ardent admirer of good livestock and kept the best varieties obtainable in this country, being a good judge of stock and knowing well how to care for them. He also kept a good grade of poultry. He was a well read man and informed on all leading questions and issues of the day, besides being familiar with important historical matters. He was an excellent conversationalist and, being hospitable, numerous visitors delighted to call at his hearthstone, where they ever found a hearty welcome and good cheer prevailing. Politically, he was a Republican and kept well informed on political matters, taking considerable interest in local affairs.


Mr. and Mrs. George L. Doane were the parents of nine children, five of whom are living, namely: Charlotte, wife of C. Deming, of this county; Frances A., wife of A. Walrath, of Albion, Nebraska; she is a graduate in music and for many years has been successfully engaged in teaching; she is the mother of one son, Guy O., born in 1871, a farmer near Albion, Nebraska, and he has three sons, Duane E., Marian and Kermett. Leland L. lives in Oakdale, California; Roy A. lives in Scotia, Nebraska; Carrie J., of this review; those deceased are Kossuth C., Emma L., who was Mrs. Pilsbury; Hattie L., who was Mrs. Stevenson; Velma E., who was Mrs. Walrath. Leland L. is a mine promoter and has one son, who is a very successful physician at Del Norte, Colorado. A daughter, who is the wife of Mark Latham, is an accomplished musician and a successful teacher of the art. She has one son, Roy A., who owns a horse ranch in Scotia, Nebraska. He is the father of a daughter, Carrie B.


After completing the course in the home common schools, Carrie J. Doane graduated form the high school at Fremont, also the Fremont Normal, studied the French and German there, becoming well educated, and she spent, with the exception of two years, twenty years teaching in the graded schools of Fremont, during which time she established a reputation as one of the best teachers in the county and took high rank among others of her profession in this section of the state, being well equipped, both mentally and temperamentally, for her chosen calling, an was unusually popular with both pupil and patron. She has always been a student and kept abreast of modern thought and familiar with the world’s best literature. She has accomplished a great deal in elevating the standard of education in Dodge county, Nebraska.


Miss Doane’s paternal grandparents, Reuben and Hannah (Slayton) Doane, were natives of New England, the former a sea captain who reached the advanced age of eighty-four years, his wife dying when seventy-seven years old. They were the parents of eleven children, of whom George L. father of Carrie J. Doane, was the youngest in order of birth. Jacob and Mary (Dakin) Bullock were the maternal grandparents of Miss Doane. They were natives of the state of New York, Mr. Bullock dying when a comparatively young man, Mrs. Bullock dying in 1869. They were the parents of six children, Mrs. Sarah A. Doane being the second in order of birth.


~transcribed for the Fayette Co IAGenWeb Project by Tom and Sharon Dorland


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