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Fayette County, Iowa  

 History Directory

Past and Present of Fayette County Iowa, 1910

Author: G. Blessin


B. F. Bowen & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Vol. I, Biographical Sketches



~Page 928~


Rev. Jasper S. Moore

 Photos of Rev. Moore and Mrs. Mary Moore


The gentleman whose life record is herewith briefly set forth is a born nobleman, belonging to nature’s aristocracy, having dignified every station in life with a charm that has constantly added to his personal worth and has discharged his every duty as a citizen with the earnestness and loyalty characteristic of such men of altruistic principles. Recognizing his probity of character and his sterling worth as a citizen and advocate of the gospel of the Nazarene, his fellow men hold him in lasting regard wherever he is known. Jasper S. Moore was born in Illyria township, Fayette county, May 21, 1855, and his present residence is at Wadena, he having preferred to spend most of his life on his own heath, and to him belongs the distinction of having resided in the township longer than any other person. He is the son of the Rev. William and Catherine (Robbins) Moore, the father born October 9, 1813, at Hookstown, Pennsylvania, and the latter on November 20, 1817, in Vermont. They were the parents of ten children, and they came to Illyria township, Fayette county, Iowa in 1854 and spent the remainder of their lives here. The father was a farmer, also preached some in the United Brethren church. His death occurred on April 21, 1873, and the death of his wife on September 19, 1907. Rev. William Moore, who was long an influential man in this county, was descended from Scotch-Irish ancestors and was reared in the faith of the Presbyterian church. His wife’s people were early settlers of the New England states. Her father, Willard Robbins, died in Fayette county, Iowa, at a ripe old age. (For a complete history of these parents and the brothers and sisters of the subject of this sketch the reader is directed to the biography of Edwin O. Moore, appearing on another page of this work.) Rev. Jasper S. Moore received a good education in the public schools, having alternated schooling and farming in his youth, remaining on the home farm until he reached manhood, and began preaching in 1887, and was ordained elder in 1894. He traveled circuits for twelve years. He was presiding elder in the Iowa conference of his church, first at Chambersburg Pennsylvania, Caledonia, Michigan and Huntington, Indiana, these having convened during a period of twelve years. He is regarded as an earnest, forceful and often eloquent preacher, never failing to delight and interest his audience, and he has accomplished a great deal of good wherever his lot has been cast, and he is held in the highest esteem by the people whom he seeks to serve. Rev. Mr. Moore owns the old family homestead in section 23, Illyria township, embracing two hundred and fifty acres, upon which are excellent improvements. He and his sons make a specialty of raising thoroughbred Duroc-Jersey hogs, and they also handle large herds of cattle, also horses and sheep, and they have been very successful not only as general farmers but as stock raisers. Rev. Jasper S. Moore was married on July 8, 1877, to Mary L. Crane, daughter of Myron and Elizabeth Crane, of Carthage, South Dakota. This union has been blessed with the following children: Charlie I., born May 5. 1879, died August 30, 1880; Gertie, now Mrs. Bert Sackett, of Delaware, Iowa, was born July 28, 1881; Myron M., born July 11, 1884; Ethel, born September 3, 1886, married Robert Frey, living at Wadena, Iowa; Ira Clark, born March 12, 1889, who is at home, married Mary Yearous, of West Union; William Francis, who was born September 9, 1891, is a student in the West Union high school. Politically, Rev. Mr. Moore is a Republican with prohibition sympathies; he is president of the Illyria township school board, and he is at present serving as justice of the peace. He advocates the doctrine of the United Brethren church.

~transcribed for the Fayette Co IAGenWeb Project by Mary Aldrich


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