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Fayette County, Iowa  

 History Directory

Past and Present of Fayette County Iowa, 1910

Author: G. Blessin


B. F. Bowen & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Vol. I, Biographical Sketches



~Page 716~


Antone B. Loomis


"In writing a work of so great a magnitude as is here intended, it is but fair to note the life and character of a man who has by good management and persistency overcome numerous obstacles that would have discouraged and crushed many of a weaker nature, succeeding admirably well in spite of them, as we shall see, for Antone B. Loomis, of the firm of Loomis Brothers, of West Union, dealers in furniture and undertaking goods, has demonstrated beyond a doubt what one can do who has a well defined purpose, energy, and who does not admit the word "fail" to his vocabulary.

Mr. Loomis was born in Auburn Township, Fayette county, Iowa, November 8, 1864, and is the son of Edwin H. and Mary (Hennings) Loomis, the father having been born in New York in 1834, and the mother in England, the same year. They came west when young and married in this county, and are still living in West Union. Mr. Loomis was one of the early pioneers of the county, the date of his advent being 1854, and he has lived in the county continuously since his first settlement here. He cleared up a timber farm and became well-to-do, and is now living retired, enjoying the fruits of his earlier years of toil and endeavor. He owns valuable property in West Union, California and Dakota. His family consisted of four sons. The eldest, Dr. Frank Loomis, is a practicing physician of Marcus, Iowa, being a graduate of the Rush Medical College at Chicago, and he is a very successful physician; he married Madge A. Perry, of Atchison, Kansas, and they have three sons, Frank, Emlia, and Donald. Henry C. Loomis is in the real estate business at Marcus, this state; he married Gertrude Leonard, of Cherokee, Iowa, and they have one daughter, Mary. Antone B., of this review, and Dord W., the youngest of the family, is an equal partner with Antone B. in their extensive business, which they purchased in 1902. Both the brothers are graduated embalmers and fully understand the details of this business, consequently are popular and extensively patronized. They and their brothers received liberal educations, having attended the local public schools, the Ainsworth Academy in West Union and the Upper Iowa University at Fayette. All four of the brothers were successful teachers in earlier years.

On February 22, 1898, Antone B. Loomis married Leora Philips, daughter of A. A. and Agnes (Johnston) Philips. She was born in Dover township, this county, in 1871, and was educated in the public schools and is a high-school graduate, and was a teacher before her marriage; her parents are both living on a farm in Union township. Two daughters have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Loomis: Phyllis, born October 13, 1899, and Gertrude, born February 28, 1901.

"Uncle" Jess Philips, grandfather of Mrs. Loomis, was a well known public school teacher here and elsewhere for more than fifty years. His death occurred in Ohio at an advanced age.

Mr. Loomis is a member of West Union Lodge, No. 142, Knights of Pythias, and he is a stanch Republican, like the rest of the Loomis family, but none of them have ever sought public office.

The Loomis Brothers carry a fine stock of goods, carefully selected and up to date. No better line of furniture and undertaking goods are to be found in this part of the state, and they are enjoying an excellent trade which increases with the years. Their stock embraces at all seasons a full line of furniture, carpets, linoleums, window-shades and fixtures. Their store occupies two stories and a basement in a neat and substantial brick building forty by eighty-five feet, and this is a favorite gathering place for the citizens of the rural districts when the in the county seat.


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