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Fayette County, Iowa  

 History Directory

Past and Present of Fayette County Iowa, 1910

Author: G. Blessin


B. F. Bowen & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Vol. I, Biographical Sketches



~Page 632~



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Among the eminently successful men in agricultural life of Fayette county, the subject of this brief review holds a high place. Mr. Henry Lauer was born in Winneshiek county, Iowa, on January 23, 1863, being the son of Philip Lauer. He has had unusual educational advantages. After having completed the common school course at the district school near his father's home in Winneshiek county, he attended the German parochial school at Eldorado, Iowa. Entering into active life, he became a clerk in the hardware store of Olie S. Thompson at Ossian, Iowa. After holding this position for more than a year, he devoted his energies to other lines, but returned from time to time to his duties in the store. Later, he attended the Decorah Business College for some months. After his course of study at this college, he returned to his home and assisted his father in farming.

In March, 1886, Mr. Lauer was united in marriage to Margaret Poetting, who was born in New York City, and had come with her parents to live in Iowa.

Mr. Lauer now determined to devote his energies exclusively to farming, with very remarkable results. He took up this work on a fine one hundred and seventy-acre place, where he still lives. His progressive, energetic and intelligent efforts in this line have resulted in his home place being equipped with new and excellent buildings, among them a tasteful and substantial house, with pleasant and agreeable surroundings, and with the entire farm equipped with every modern improvement and equipment that will help to bring the best results. About eighteen years ago he named his home, "Sunny Slope Farm" and it is one of the well known places in that section.

Mr. Lauer early recognized the advantages to be gained from specialization and has, since 1890, devoted himself particularly to the breeding of fine hogs, in addition to general farming. He is now widely known a a breeder of full blood, Poland China hogs. His attention to this line of work has won him many prizes at county and other fairs, in 1908 he having the satisfaction of displaying the largest hog, which tipped the scales at eight hundred and twenty-five pounds. He also devotes much time and attention to the breeding and raising of cattle.

Mr. and Mrs. Lauer are the parents of eight children, all of whom are living: Ida, Augusta, Dora, Grant, Willie, Philip, Clarence and Henry D. The family are members of the Lutheran church. Politically, Mr. Lauer is a Republican; for eight years he was township clerk and for fifteen years he was secretary of the township school board. Aside from his agricultural productivities, which would tax most men's capacity to the utmost, he has found time to interest himself in commercial life, and has been secretary of the German Mutual Fire Insurance Company for the past eight years.

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