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Fayette County, Iowa  

 History Directory

Past and Present of Fayette County Iowa, 1910

Author: G. Blessin


B. F. Bowen & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Vol. I, Biographical Sketches



~Page  591~


Ronold S. F. Crawford



Fayette county, Iowa, enjoys a high reputation because of the high order of her citizenship, and none of her citizens occupies a more enviable position in the esteem of his fellows than the gentleman whose name appears at the head of this sketch. A residence here if almost his entire lifetime has given his fellows a full opportunity to observe him in the various lines of activity in which he has engaged and his  present high standing is due solely to the honorable and upright course he has pursued. As a leading citizen of this community he is eminently entitled to representation in a work of this character.

R. S. F. Crawford is a native son of old Ireland, and in him are exemplified those sturdy qualities for which the natives of the isle of the shamrock are noted. He was born on May 9, 1844, and is a son of Samuel F. and Anna Maria (West) Crawford, both of whom also were natives of Ireland. The subject's uncle, John B. West, was a man of local influence and importance, having defeated Daniel O'Connell for Parliament from Dublin, the latter being recognized as one of Ireland's strongest men. The subject's father was a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, and in 1848 he brought his family to the United States. For nine years he was the second steward at Ward's Island, being under the immediate authority of the commissioner of immigration. On September 14, 1855, he came to Fayette county, Iowa, and bought farm land, to the improvement and cultivation of which he thereafter devoted himself. He owned two hundred acres of fine land which he developed into a good farm, on which he resided until his death, which occurred on July 7, 1897. In politics he took an independent attitude, but so high was he held in general esteem that he was chairman of the first board of supervisors in Fayette county and for some years he served as tax collector and justice of the peace. He was a splendid rifle shot, being considered the best wing shot in Fayette county. He and his wife were members of the Episcopal church and while residing in New York City were members of St. George's church. Of their ten children, five are living. The mother of these children died on March 11, 1897, at the age of eighty-nine years, her husband having been but a year younger at the time of his death. The subject's oldest brother now living, William F. Crawford, gave his adopted country faithful service during the Civil war, having first enlisted in the Third Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry. He was placed under the command of Commodore Foote, as fourth quartermaster. After his discharge, he re-enlisted in the Sixth Regiment Iowa Cavalry, under Capt. Allen Ainsworth, and served until the close of the war, when he received an honorable discharge. He is now acting as inspector of United States war vessels at Bremerton.

R.S.F. Crawford received his education in the public schools of New York City and the common schools of Fayette county, and he was reared to the life of a farmer, from which line of effort he has never departed. He is now the owner of three hundred and forty-two acres of land, which he devotes to diversified farming. Mr. Crawford has given special attention to the buying and feeding of cattle for market and in this line he has met with marked success, having found it a profitable source of income. His farm is highly improved and well equipped, being numbered among the best farms of the township.

Politically, Mr. Crawford was aligned with the Democratic party until Cleveland's administration, since which time he has taken an independent attitude, though, strictly speaking, he would be termed a progressive Republican. He is giving efficient service as school treasurer of his township. Fraternally, he was at one time an active Freemason, but is not now affiliated with any blue lodge.

In August, 1904, Mr. Crawford was married to Alice Fannie Reese, who was born in Kane county, Illinois, the daughter of William and Hattie (Smith) Reese, the former a native of Somersetshire, England, the latter of New York state. They moved to Kane county, Illinois, and subsequently came to Fayette county, Iowa, where the mother's death occurred, Mr. Reese now living at Maynard, this county. Mr. Crawford has one stepson, William H. Pratt.


Mr. Crawford enjoys a splendid reputation throughout Fayette county, because of the marked success to which he has attained and the high personal character borne by him. Large-hearted, generous and courteous to all, he easily makes acquaintances and enjoys a large circle of warm personal friends, who esteem him for his genuine worth.

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