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Fayette County, Iowa  

 History Directory

Past and Present of Fayette County Iowa, 1910

Author: G. Blessin


B. F. Bowen & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Vol. I, Biographical Sketches



~Page 1122~


Martin Bouska


As the name indicates, this gentleman is of foreign descent, though a native of Iowa, born in Winneshiek county in November, 1857. His parents, Frank and Josephine Bouska, natives of Bohemia, were married in that country and two of their nine children were born there prior to the immigration of the family to America some time in the early forties. On coming to the United States Frank Bouska made his way direct to Winneshiek county, Iowa, where he settled on government land and in the course of a few years developed a fine farm and was in comfortable circumstances. He lived a long, active and useful life, dying at the advanced age of ninety-one years, his wife being eighty-eight years old at the time of her death. Of their family, nine children grew to maturity and are still living, the subject of this sketch being the only one residing in Fayette county.


Martin Bouska remained with his parents until nineteen years of age when he came to Fayette county and located on the tract of land in Eden township which she still owns and makes her home. The place originally consisted of one hundred and sixty acres, but by his energy and well directed labors he has since succeeded in very materially increasing the area of the farm, until it now contains two hundred and forty acres of very fine land, admirably adapted to agriculture and the raising of livestock. Mr. Bouska was reared to agricultural pursuits and, having a natural liking for the vocation, he has succeeded well and at the present time is one of the leading farmers and stock raisers of the township in which he resides as well as one of the enterprising, public spirited citizens of the community. He has made many valuable improvements on his farm in the way of buildings, etc., and now has one of the most beautiful and desirable rural homes in the county of Fayette, everything on the place being in first class order and indicating the care and attention of the proprietor. As already states, he is not only successful as a tiller of the soil but devotes considerable interest and attention to the breeding and raising of livestock, making Poland China swine a specialty, which high grade animals he markets in large numbers every years. He also raises fine horses of the Belgian breed, and a superior quality of cattle, his domestic animals of all kinds being among the best in this part of the state and yielding him a large income.


Mr. Bouska takes a lively interest in all matters relating to agriculture and livestock and, as a member of the Breeders' Association, has been influential in introducing a superior grade of domestic animals into his section of country, they proving of great benefit to the farmers who now find it just as easy and far more valuable to keep good stock instead of the ordinary and indifferent grades which were formerly the rule. He is public spirited, believes in progress and does all within his power for the material advancement of his township and moral improvement of his neighborhood. In politics he is a pronounced supporter of the Republican party, and in religion, a Roman Catholic, belonging with his family to St. Mary's church at Waucoma, to the support of which he is a liberal donor.


On the 20th day of January, 1877, when a little past twenty years of age, Mr. Bouska was united in marriage with Frances Resabeck, of Auburn township, Fayette county, a young lady of many estimable qualities of mind and heart and popular among the large circle of friends with whom she is accustomed to associate. She has borne her husband children as follows: Anthony, a mail clerk on the Northwestern railroad with headquarters at Omaha, Nebraska; Mary Lucy; Martin, a mail carrier on the rural delivery route from Waucoma; Josephine and Frank, who have left the parental roof and are doing for themselves; those still members of the home circle are William, Christ, Julius and Edward, all intelligent and responding cheerfully to the efforts which their parents are putting forth for their improvement. On November 10, 1910, Joseph, the youngest of the family, died at the early age of forty-five years. He was a very prosperous breeder in Poland China hogs and during the last few years was doing an enormous business in Duroc-Jersey hogs. The Bouskas are among the most popular and highly esteemed families of Fayette county, the home being a favorite stopping place for the young people of the neighborhood while the spirit of hospitality which reigns therein sweetens the welcome and delays the departure of the guests who are accustomed to share it.


~transcribed by Sharon Dorland


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