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Ruth Coffman Baker Album

Ruth was a Special Education/Remedial teacher at Fayette school

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1959 Fifth Grade Class Fayette School

(1866 Fayette Graduate Class)

The names of the students are list below the phots

I TOP ROW: Larry Webb, Linda Henry, David Buhlman, Diane Alber
SECOND ROW: Rita Jellings, Larry Joe Yates, Dennis Hendrix, Cindy Nefgger
BOTTOM ROW: Bill Sparkman, Louise Pickett, John Mohlis, Janeen Dilley
II TOP ROW: Steve Adams, Tom Butters, Howard Hubbell, Tommy Lamphier
SECOND ROW: Janice Stannard, Eddie Stearns, Pearl Jean Wagner, Bob Swchla,
BOTTOM ROW:  Barbara Paul, Bill Bitterman, Patty Scheidel, Richard Ash
III  TOP ROW:  Ernie Johnson, Shirley Mohlis, Laverne Lenerington, Sandra Gray
SECOND ROW: Rosemary Owens, Paul Lockard, Paula Gould, Francis Kanten
BOTTOM ROW: Ronnie Crawford, Kathlyn Cue, Curtis Dummertmuth, Harriett Ann Johnson 
IV No names for any of the children in this photo 
V No names for any of the children in this photo 
VI Linda Mae Lotz, Cheryl Chase, Carol Chase, Pat Ashby, Mrs Ruth Baker (teacher),  Gary & Jerrry Petsch & Dean Schnieder (absent)
VII No names for any of the children in this photo

~ contributed by Teresa, niece of Ruth Coffman Baker


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