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Mrs. Julia Graves
A Great, Great Grandmother
Mrs. Julia Graves, having been a great grandmother for 24 years and during these years a great grandmother to seven children, is now a great great grandmother at the age of 82, having been born on Aug. 11, 1848, in Rock county, Wisconsin.
She with her daughter, Mrs. Ruth Abbott, and granddaughter, Mrs. Esther Borland, were overjoyed when a daughter, Shirley Mae, was born Sept. 23 to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Borland of Elma. Mr. Borland is the great grandson of Mrs. Graves and the son of Mrs. Borland.

Mrs. Graves, nee Julia Hall, married Scott Vanransler Graves March 7, 1866, and at once came to Iowa in a covered wagon, locating on a farm near Alpha, where they resided until 1890, when they moved to Oelwein. Thus Mrs. Graves has been a resident of Fayette county for over 64 years and a citizen of Oelwein forty years.

Shortly after the Graves moved to Oelwein Mr. and Mr. Abbott and family came here and have since made their home. As their daughter Esther married E.L. Borland on Sept. 28, 1905, and continued to maintain her home here, the three grandmothers shown in the picture, acclaim residence in Oelwein for the past 40 years. It is of interest to learn how closely this family has lived together.
To Mr. and Mrs. Graves were born two daughters, Ruth, now Mrs. Abbott, and Edna, now Mrs. McKee, who lives here during the summers and part of the winters. Of the third generation, in addition to Mrs. Borland, the Abbotts raised Mrs. Julia Brownell, who, when married, moved to a farm just east of Oelwein and has maintained her home in, and near Oelwein for the forty years, and one son, Merle Abbott, who has lived there the thirty-two years of his life.

The history of this family is exceptionally interesting. The family tree traces the Abbott family back to the landing of the Pilgrims in the Mayflower, for John Cabot, who later changed his name to Abbot, is an ancestor of this family. Cabot settled at Concord, N.H., where relatives still reside. On a branch of the Hall limb they find that Calvin Coolidge is a member of the family. Mrs. Graves says that her husband, who passed away June 2, 1922, traced his family back to Queen Mary of Scotland.

~source: Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, Dubuque, Iowa, Sunday morning, October 26, 1939
~ transcribed by and submitted to Fayette County IAGenWeb by Sharyl Ferrall Clayton County IAGenWeb

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