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Fayette County, Iowa  

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Portrait & Biographical Album of Fayette County Iowa

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Prominent and Representative Citizens of the County

Lake City Publishing Co., Chicago

March 1891


~Page 544~


Joseph Allwood



Joseph Allwood, a substantial farmer and stock-raiser of section 25, Center Township, is one of the self-made men of the county. Whatever success he has met with in life is due to his own efforts, and for this he deserves no little credit. Of English birth, he first opened his eyes to the light of day in Lincolnshire, in 1845, gracing the union of John and Anna (Kelley) Allwood, who were also natives of that county. His father was a farmer, and accompanied by his family crossed the Atlantic to America, locating in Green County, Wis., in 1865.  Here he resumed his chosen occupation which he continued to follow until his death. His window afterward came to Fayette County, Iowa, where her death occurred. In the family were seven children, four of whom are still living: John, who is married and resides in Lee county, Ill.; Ann, now Mrs. Watson, of Fayette County, Iowa; Ellen, now Mrs. Crawley, of Fayette; and Joseph.


Our subject is the youngest of the family, and the first eleven years of his life were spent in his native land. He had acquired a common-school education and in company with two brothers he bade good-by to home and friends, and embarked for the New World.  For six weeks and two days they were upon the bosom of the briny deep, but in safty their vessel at length reached New York, whence they made their way directly to Wisconsin. Going to Delaware, Iowa, his brothers left him behind, a lad of eleven, to make his own way in the world surrounded by no familiar faces and with no one to whom he could go in case of trouble.  He worked upon a farm for $3 per month, and continued labor in that direction for several years, his wages increasing with his strength, and capabilities to preform more work.  At the age of thirteen he went to Lee County, Ill., where he remained until 1865, when he came to Fayette County, Iowa, a young man of twenty years. Being thrown upon his own resources at a tender age developed a self-reliance and force of character in Mr. Allwood, which aided him greatly in the battle of life. By energy and perseverance, thrift and industry, he had been enabled to accumulate some capital, and on coming to this county he purchased one hundred and sixty-five acres of timber land which he at once began to clear and improve.  He built a good frame dwelling, and then devoted every energy to the transformation of the wild land into a rich and fertile farm, the income arising from which would supply all his needs.  It is a self-evident fact that prosperity comes to those who labor diligently, exercising good business ability and upright principles. Working in this way, Mr. Allwood was blessed with success, and now the owner of four hundred and thirty acres of fine land under fence, well cultivated and improved. He also raises a good grade of cattle and hogs in addition to the cereals for which he finds a ready  market.


Mr. Allwood was married in this county in 1879, the lady of his choice being Miss Joanna Sullivan, who was born in the county, and is daughter of Cornelius and Mary Sullivan, who are natives of Ireland, and now reside in Clermont, Iowa. Unto them have been born four children, one son and three daughters -- Mary Ann, Ellen Elizabeth, William Joseph, and Nettie. The family circle yet remains unbroken, and in the social world the members of this household are held in high regard.


Mr. Allwood has never taken any very active part in political affairs, but at the polls supports the Democratic party. He is a member of the Church of England, and as a citizen does what he can for the advancement of the county's interests.




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