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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Wagar, C. E. & wife real estate 803 S. 10th
Wagner, H. & wife M. G. fireman 221 E. Walnut
Waldron, J. J. & wife B. laborer 924 E. Pleasant
Walker, S. M. (Mrs.) widow 1008 E. Des Moines
Walker, W. W. & wife Grace Asst. Cash. Iowa Sav. Bank 1008 E. Des Moines
Wanamaker, G. L. student 319 S. 7th
Wanamaker, L. A. & wife Celia   319 S. 7th
Wanamaker, Lou & wife Mattie   1011 E. Des Moines
Wanamaker, May bookkeeper 319 S. 7th
Ward, Bess teacher 914 E. Maple
Warner, J. & wife L. E. brakeman 215 N. 4th
Warner, J. J. & wife Sara laborer 817 N. 8th
Warner, Seth & wife   Coon Block
Warner, W. J. & wife M. A. deputy sheriff West side
Wate, B. A. civil engineer 721 S. 8th
Waterman, W. H.   714 N. 8th
Weir, Roy student 1309 E. Barnhart
Wells, D. C. & wife L. painter Cor. 4th & Jefferson
Wells, H. F. & wife Helen traveling man 315 W. Lincoln
Werner, W. H. & wife M. M. painter 108 E. Des Moines
Werstrem, Amil laborer Central House
Wesley, Gertrude domestic Orleans Hotel
West, G. N. & wife P. E. traveling man 515 W. Lincoln
West, J. S. & wife A. E. traveling man 517 W. Lincoln
West, Rose clerk 517 W. Lincoln
Westbrook, B. F. & wife Nellie Insurance Agent 214 2nd Ave. N.
Western Cigar Co.   416 E. Lincoln
Whelan, M. K. & wife Mary real estate 309 N. 7th
Wheelock, J. traveling man 913 E. Lincoln
White, H. W. & wife Rosa (colored) cook on dining car 115 N. 2nd
White, Loren E. & wife Anna   622 N. 6th
White, N H. & wife Mary drayman 1125 E. Lincoln
Whitish, T. M & wife A. conductor 803 N. 4th
Wickersham, Bessie teacher 402 N. 8th
Wickersham, R. H. & wife A.   715 N. 10th
Wicks, John & wife Lena mason 1226 E. Maple
Wicks, Mike & wife Freda mason 1222 E. Maple
Wigton, J. E.  laborer 108 S. 13th
Wigton, J. H. laborer 108 S. 13th
Wigton, J. M. & wife T. A. retired 108 S. 13th
Wilcox, A. A. & wife Lovina farmer 1331 E. Lincoln
Wicox, Earl farmer 1331 E. Lincoln
Wilcox, Vashti farmer 1331 E. Lincoln
Wilkins, G. D. & wife T. M   601 N. 4th
Willey, I. G.  grain buyer 1007 E. Maple
Willey, Pearl clerk 1007 E. Maple
Williams, C. A.  & wife   West side
Williams, C. E. jeweler 317 N. 7th
Williams, Mrs. L. S. widow 317 N. 7th
Williams, S. H. & wife Kate druggist 220 N. 8th
Williams, T. M.  & wife M.   820 S. 10th
Wilt, W. M. stenographer 721 S, 8th
Wiltsie, C. H. & wife Arvilla laborer 927 E. Lincoln
Wiltsie, H. D. & wife Jennie fireman 914 E. Lincoln
Wilson, Bessie  domestic 1125 E. Howard
Wilson, C. J. & wife  Supt. C. R. I. & P. over Estherville grocery
Wilson, J. H. & wife Carrie harness maker & buggy dealer 414 S. 8th
Wilson, J. M.  & wife harness maker 614 N. 6th
Wilson, J. R, & wife Mary laborer 1125 E. Howard
Wilson, Dr. M. E. & wife   E. Howard
Wilson, Orville tailor 1125 E. Howard
Wilson, Oscar laborer 1125 E. Howard
Wing, Mrs. J. widow 205 E. Main
Witt, William fireman 927 E. Lincoln
Witters, G. H. & wife Emma janitor 314 E. Walnut
Wittern, Chas. & wife painter 314 E. Walnut
Wood, Mrs. Lucy widow 820 N. 7th
Wood, Mrs. S. J. widow 821 E. Maple
Wood, W. F. & wife Gae conductor 820 N. 7th
Woods, F. P.   621 N. 7th
Woods, L. R. & wife real estate and loans 921 E. Main
Woolcut, A. T. & wife Annie car checker 708 N. 8th
Woolcut, M. W. & wife Sarah cattle dehorner 702 N. 9th
Worst, William & wife conductor 721 E. Maple
Wratten, Walter & wife Addie boiler maker 421 S. 3rd