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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Sabo, John & wife Johana carpenter 808 N. 11th
Safford H. clerk 721 S. 8th
Salisbury, E. O. fireman 320 N. 7th
Salisbury, O. A. widow 320 N. 7th
Salisbury, Dr.  R. W.   320 N. 7th
Salyers, I. N. & wife Laura carpenter 1022 E. Howard
Sampson, W. H. & wife May tile burner 903 N. 4th
Sanborn, E. D.  & wife Clara insurance agent 703 N. 7th
Sando, Helen domestic 515 S. 10th
Sandven, J. T. & wife traveling man 520 N. 6th
Sawyer, J. E. & wife Lizzie engineer 314 3rd Ave.
Schaeffer, Gae student 622 N. 7th
Schaeffer, W. A. & wife Nellie road master 622 N. 7th
Scharffenberg, Mrs. George widow 403 N. 2nd
Scharffenberg, Mrs. J. widow 506 S. 8th
Schiek, Joe fireman 927 E. Howard
Schloeman, M. H. & wife Jennie real estate 602 N. 8th
Schultz, Florence domestic Orleans Hotel
Schultze, Chas. cigar maker Central House
Schumacher, Agnes clerk 821 E. Main
Schumacher, Clarence clerk Graaf Clothing Store
Schumacher, Fred student 821 E. Main
Schwindeman, J. E. & wife Jennie traveling man 1215 E. Main
Sconberg, H. H. & wife Lettie clerk 112 E. 13th
Scott, B. M. & wife Alice   731 S. 10th
Scrimguer, James & wife Margaret engineer 1315 E. Barnhart
Seidle, Frank clerk 1227 E. Lincoln
Severson, A. & wife M. laborer 620 N. 8th
Severson, Christine clerk 620 N. 8th
Shadle, E. night clerk Orleans Hotel
Shadle, F. S. druggist 518 E. Lincoln
Shadle, George W. & wife Emma   616 1/2 E. Lincoln
Shadle, Merlin & wife Clara dry goods 508 S. 8th
Shardle, H. H.   East Lawn
Shaw, A. & wife Anna carpenter 1115 N. 9th
Shaw, James & wife Sarah engineer 203 N. 7th
Shenefelt, B. clerk 1211 E. Lincoln
Shenefelt, F. L. & wife Margaret blacksmith  
Shenefelt, Maud clerk 1211 E. Lincoln
Shoesmith, Rev. William & wife Sallie   West side
Shriner, Roy brakeman European Hotel
Shultz, Emma domestic Orleans Hotel
Sidles, Harry & wife Josie laborer 428 S. 6th
Sikes, Frank laborer 203 N. 2nd
Sikes, George & wife Mary retired 203 N. 2nd
Sillge, H. O. & wife Minnie harness maker 509 S. 8th
Sizer, Chas drayman 209 E. Maple
Sizer, J. F. & wife E. drayman 208 E. Maple
Skattebo, Charlotte domestic 202 E. Howard
Skewis, Geo. A. & wife Martha grain buyer 903 E. Maple
Skinner, Isaac & wife Mary horse buyer 1125 N. 6th
Smith, Bertha   714 N. 8th
Smith, E. M. & wife I. laborer 315 E. Des Moines
Smith, Ed. & wife Nora engineer 515 S. 10th
Smith, G. W. & wife Stella fireman 714 S. 8th
Smith, John G. & wife Anna racket store 214 N. 8th
Smith, Luther & wife Sophia retired 921 E. Howard
Snyder, Jake & wife laborer East Lawn
Snyder, O. R. & wife B. H. egg candler 517 N. 4th
Solmonson, Mrs. B. widow 509 S. 8th
Solmonson, Olive student 509 S. 8th
Soper, Allen & Alexander attorneys over First National Bank
Soper, R. D. & wife contractor 1220 N. 6th
Spence, Nathan & wife Nettie drayman 708 N. 8th
Spurbeck, Fred & wife Dollie conductor East Lawn
Spurbeck, Ray printer East Lawn
Staggs, C. H.  optician 1222 E. Lincoln
Staggs, Dr. W. A. & wife L. A. optician 1222 E. Lincoln
Stanerson, Bernie laborer 1014 N. 8th
Stanerson, Gail student 1014 N. 8th
Stanerson, Tom & wife Lena street commissioner 1014 N. 8th
Stanhope, I. & wife M. M. retired 1229 El Maple
Stanhope, Mrs. Mary widow 1010 E. Des Moines
Stanley, B. C. & wife Julia laborer 1130 E. Lincoln
Stanley, Gurney   1130 E. Lincoln
Stanley, Harry   1130 E. Lincoln
Stanley, Ira bookkeeper, Bank of Estherville 1130 E. Lincoln
Stedman, Charley & wife Ruth engineer 920 E. Maple
Stephens, Mildred student 721 N. 7th
Stephens, R. J. & wife Mary miller 721 N. 7th
Still, Geo. & wife   921 E. Des Moines
Still's Pool Hall   508 E. Lincoln
Stine, P. S. & wife Carrie lumber clerk 206 E. Lincoln
Stockdale, Mrs., E. widow 815 E. Lincoln
Stockdale, J. E. elevators 815 E. Lincoln
Stockdale, Verne student 815 E. Lincoln
Stoffel, M. & wife  laborer 515 N. 6th
Stone, W. A. &    
Story, A. H. & wife carpenter 221 N. 6th
Strommer, Clara milliner 1308 E. Lincoln
Strommer, Edward harness maker 1308 E. Lincoln
Strommer, Hanna dress maker 1308 E. Lincoln
Strommer, Mrs. T. D. widow 1308 E. Lincoln
Strommer, Theo laborer 1308 E. Lincoln
Strong, S. B. widow 806 N. 8th
Strube, Amelia domestic Byfield's Restaurant
Strube, Minnie cook Byfield's Restaurant
Stuland, A. & wife Julia carpenter 515 N. 4th
Sullivan, Bessie student Oak Hill
Sullivan, Mamie stenographer Oak Hill
Sullivan, P. C. R. I. & P, fireman  
Sullivan, P. J. & wife E. engineer Oak Hill
Sunde, Tom & wife Martha carpenter 1108 N. 9th
Sundem, Rena domestic 420 S. 9th
Sutcliffe, Mrs. E. widow 921 Wash. Ave.
Sutcliffe, Emma student 921 Wash. Ave.
Sutcliffe, Le Grand bookkeeper, First National 921 Wash. Ave.
Sutton, J. & wife Nettie section foreman E. Lawn
Sutton, Rev. John & wife M. A. Free Methodist pastor 821 N. 5th
Sutton, Nellie dressmaker 821 N. 5TH
Swagg, W. D. & wife Emma meat cutter 909 E. Walnut
Swale, Clinton & wife Florence brakeman 620 S. 7th
Swale, H. & wife Mary laborer 709 N. 9th
Swanson, B. & wife Olena laborer West side
Swanson, N. O. & wife M. traveling man 1405 E. Barnhart
Sweet, John & wife Ruth car repairer 1s0 W. Howard
Swift, Wm. & wife Mary fireman 739 S. 9th