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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Raleigh, Fred J.  postal clerk 1020 N. 7th
Ramshaw, Jas. N. & wife Alma farmer East Lawn
Randall, Mrs. C. M.   911 E. Roberts
Randall, W. A.  engineer 911 E. Roberts
Randall, Worth Orleans Hotel  
Rawson, F. J. & wife Mabel ice cream maker 415 S. 7th
Raymour, see Reymour    
Reece, M. C. & wife Ella blacksmith 510 E. Des Moines
Reese, A. H. & wife Mary brakeman 418 S. 3rd
Reese, E. S. & wife E. M. brakeman 410 S. 3rd
Reese, F. G. & wife Bessie Agt. C.R.I. & P. 603 N. 7th
Reymour, Earl student 621 N. 5th
Reymour, Frank C. & wife Melissa carpenter 621 N. 5th
Reymour, Harry student 621 N. 5th
Rhodes, A. J. & wife lawyer 809 E. Maple
Rhodes, Mrs. Cora boarding house 721 S. 8th
Rhodes, F. H. & wife Hattie Cash. Bank of Estherville 405 S. 9th
Rhodes, G. A. & wife E. N. brakeman 421 E. Walnut
Rhodes, Jennie student 405 S. 9th
Rhodes, Mrs. L. A. widow 403 E. Pleasant
Rhodes, Will Asst. Cash. Bank of Estherville 815 E. Maple
Richard, J. W. & wife D. A. brakeman 311 E. Wash.
Richardson, Dr. L. F. & wife 
physician 611 S. 9th
Richman, Fred & wife Pearl real estate 908 E. Main
Rickard, William brakeman 311 S. 3rd
Ricter, Kate domestic Orleans Hotel
Rictmeyer, G. H. & wife retired 521 N. 6th
Ridley, Mrs. Almira   314 N. 7th
Ridley, E. C. & wife Luella conductor 826 N. 6th
Ridley, Esther teacher 314 N. 7th
Ridley, G. E. & wife Matie farmer 905 N. 6th
Ridley, Jessie cashier Liebsohn Bros. & B. 314 N. 7th
Ridley, Hattie nurse 826 N. 6th
Ridley, R. E. & wife Esther retired  308 N. 8th
Ridley, Roy J. & wife Lydia county auditor 302 N. 8th
Rierson, Dave compositor 729 S. 11th
Rierson, H.  laborer 729 S. 11th
Rierson, Oliver & wife Anna carpenter 729 S. 11th
Riley, Bert student 712 E. Walnut
Riley, Henry & wife    902 E. Lincoln
Riley, J. N. & wife D. L. conductor 712 E. Walnut
Riley, Jessie student 712 E. Walnut
Riley, Wm.  machinist Emmet House
Ringham, B. S. & wife B.  coal heaver 102 W. Maple
Robb, Wesley & wife stock buyer 515 N. 7th
Robbins, Oscar & wife Anna livery 509 E. Main
Roberts, Mrs. M. A.  widow 1014 E. Main
Robinson, Fred & wife  postal clerk  
Robinson, J. M.  & wife   1120 N. 6th
Robinson, James & wife Lucy (colored)   602 N. 4th
Rogers, Ike & wife Louise carpenter 208 W. Lincoln
Rohde, H. N. & wife M. F. real estate West Side
Rohde, Lex & wife Matilda retired 509 S. 9th
Rohlf, Geo. & wife Mabel clerk 1122 E. Lincoln
Rohlf, Henry laborer 314 S. 13th
Rohweder, O. F. & wife Carrie jeweler 721 S. 9th
Ross, John & wife hardware 1125 N. 6th
Rost, C.C.  & wife M. N. fireman 215 First AVe.
Root, A. D. & wife  lumber 502 S. 9th
Rose, A. D. livery East Lincoln
Rose, Birney & wife   1015 E. Lincoln
Rose, C. R.   515 N. 12th
Rose, Earl & wife    314 S. 6th
Rose, George laborer 1320 E. Barnhart
Rose, H. C. & wife    515 N. 12th
Rose, Mrs. Libbie  widow 314 S. 6th
Rose, N. J. & wife Lindy   1320 E. Barnhart
Rose, Tillie telephone girl 515 N. 12th
Rosenberger, Chris & wife S. feed store 1009 E. Main
Rosenburg, O.H. & wife G. S. bookkeeper 805 N. 7th
Ruby, Chas. & wife Jennie carpenter 602 N. 9th
Ruby, Winifred music teacher 602 N. 9th
Rugtiv, B. R. student 1221 N. 6th
Rugtiv, E. R. student 1221 N. 6th
Rugtiv, Geo. O. & wife retired 1221 N. 6th
Rugtiv, Lena domestic 514 S. 9th
Ryan, J. B. clerk, C. R. I. & P.  
Ryezek, Henry & wife Anna section foreman 1025 E. Barnhart