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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Palmquist, Eugene & wife piano tuner 172 N. 7th
Parks, B. F. & wife laborer 905 N. 6th
Parks, D. F. & wife B. V. contractor 203 W. Howard
Parks, Mary student 203 W. Howard
Parks, Noland student 203 W. Howard
Parriott, M. & wife C. L. retired 106 N. 13th
Parsons, Fred stenographer 721 S. 8th
Patterson, Geo. E. & wife A county attorney 415 S. 10th
Patterson, Harriet teacher 415 S. 10th
Patterson, Jean teacher 415 S. 10th
Patterson, L. telegraph operator 1200 E. Barnhart
Patterson, Laura compositor 1200 E. Barnhart
Patterson, Orpha   1200 E. Barnhart
Patterson, Oscar & wife Annie meat cutter 221 S. 2nd
Paulson, P. H. & wife Mabel attorney Corner 8th and Pleasant
Pearson, Dr. A. W. & wife Grace physician 927 E. Des Moines
Pease, I. & wife Bessie   211 Pleasant Ave.
Perkins, J. R. & wife L. M.  yard foreman 203 E. Maple
Perkins, Roy telegraph operator 1022 E. Howard
Perry, A. H. & wife M. E. carpenter 821 S. 11th
Perry, C. T. & wife Rosa laborer 1030 S. 11th
Perry, Ella   120 W. Lincoln
Perry, J. W. freight rustler 120 W. Lincoln
Perry, O. H. & wife Mary Prop. Bottling Works 120 W. Lincoln
Person, C. E. & wife Minnie real estate 1008 E. Maple
Person, Clarence student 1008 E. Maple
Person, Fred student 1008 E. Maple
Petersen, H. & wife Carrie Prop. Emmet House 827 N. 8th
Petersen, Walba   827 N. 8th
Peterson, A. A. & wife Emma bill clerk 202 E. Howard
Peterson, A. O. & wife Abbie county treasurer 400 N. 7th
Peterson, August laborer 507 E. Des Moines
Peterson, Bessie student 520 S. 8th
Peterson, Charley grocery 520 S. 8th
Peterson, Chas.  carpenter Central House
Peterson, Clarence student 400 N. 7th
Peterson, Clem grocery 520 S. 8th
Peterson, Eric   220 S. 9th
Peterson, Ernest   520 S. 8th
Peterson, Frank bookeeper 520 S. 8th
Peterson, G. T. & wife Nettie carpenter 702 S. 8th
Peterson, Hulda student 507 E. Des Moines
Peterson, J. & wife   Emmet House
Peterson, Joe    520 S. 8th
Peterson, Joe & wife C. car repairer 121 E. Maple
Peterson, L. (Mrs.) widow 520 S. 8th
Peterson, Louise widow 507 E. Des Moines
Peterson, Lucile student 400 N. 7th
Peterson, N. P. retired 702 S. 8th
Peterson, Ole & wife Mary   1202 E. Maple
Phelan, Ella clerk 214 S. 8th
Phelan, N. & wife laborer 214 S. 8th
Phelan, Will fireman 214 S. 8th
Phillips, Dan painter 1322 E. Howard
Phillips, J. & wife Lucy retired 1322 E. Howard
Phillips, J. W. & wife Mattie traveling man 302 S. 13th
Phillips, L.  student 302 S. 13th
Pingrey, A. A. & wife gardener 1002 N. 8th
Pingrey, J. N. teacher 1002 N. 8th
Pingrey, L. O. teacher 1002 N. 8th
Pingrey, Maria Z. County Supt. of Schools 1002 N. 8th
Pitcher, Arthur real estate E. Lincoln
Pitzen, I. E.  teacher 924 E. Pleasant
Porterfield, E. D. student 521 N. 5th
Porterfield, Rev. E. & wife Edith   521 N. 5th
Post, W. C. & wife Louise engineer 220 3rd Ave.
Potter, B. W. & wife C. laborer 202 N. 4th
Pro, John & wife Mary brick mason 725 S. 10th
Pullen, Fay student 1002 N. 6th
Pullen, Henry & wife Lizzie retired 907 N. 7th
Pullen, Horace student 1002 N. 6th
Pullen, I. J. (Mrs.) widow 913 N. 7th
Pullen, Lennis teacher 913 N. 7th
Pullen, Mabel stenographer 1002 N. 6th
Pullen, Tom & wife Carrie clerk 916 N. 6th
Pullen, W. J. & wife   1002 N. 6th
Pullen, Zella teacher 1002 N. 6th