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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
MacLean, Kenneth & wife carpenter 414 N. 8th
Mahlum, Henry & wife Cora   403 N. 4th
Mahlum, William & wife Agnes retired 403 N. 4th
Markham, H. & wife Addie laborer 612 N. 11th
Martin, Anna laundry girl 320 E. Des Moines
Martin, Harriet domestic 508 N. 9th
Martinek, A. T. & wife Helen harness maker 1300 E. Barnhart
Mathison, M. & wife Serena carpenter 415 N. 12th
Maxwell, A. C. & wife Myrtle switchman 1314 E. Lincoln
Maxwell, Mrs. A. B. widow 1314 E. Lincoln
Mayne, Norman musician 109 2nd Ave. N.
McAffee, Ed. & wife Helen farmer 203 S. 2nd
McAffee, Elmer student 203 S. 2nd
McAffee, Leslie brakeman 203 S. 2nd
McAffee, W. L. & wife Maud drayman 620 N. 11th
McArdle, William & wife engineer 922 N. 6th
McCall, A. O. & wife Grace stock buyer  1102 N. 6th
McCall, George clerk 1102 N. 6th
McCall, Grover laborer 1102 N. 6th
McCoy F. L. & wife M. laborer 421 S. 10th
McCulla, Jane (Mrs.) widow 414 S. 8th
McDermott, E. J. & wife Mary engineer 626 S. 8th
McFarland, Albert & wife Kate engineer 115 E. Des Moines
McIlveen, W. J. & wife Emma cashier, C.R.I. & P Railway 814 N. 7th
McLain, J. laborer 824 N. 6th
McRae, A. & wife O. real estate 621 N. 3rd
McRae, J. T. brakeman 621 N. 3rd
Mead, O. A.    413 E. Lincoln
Mead, M. O. & wife H. O. Prop. European Hotel 413-415 E. Lincoln 
Meadows, C. E. & wife N.  conductor 1006 E. Maple
Melby, I. E. & wife   402 N. 9th
Meserve, M. E. printer 1009 E. Main
Metzgar, A. G. & wife Mary   612 S. 9th
Metzgar, Evelyn student 612 S. 9th
Metzgar, Jule student 612 S. 9th
Milburn, W. E. & wife clerk 712 N. 6th
Miller, Alice laundry girl 102 E. Main
Miller, Anna domestic 1027 E. Main
Miller, C. E. (Mrs.) widow 214 N. 12th
Miller, Cleveland student 801 East Maple
Miller, Ella (Mrs.) widow 221 E. Lincoln
Miller, F. M.  (Mrs.) widow 801 E. Maple
Miller, Grace student 221 E. Lincoln
Miller,  J. L. (Mrs). widow 102 E. Main
Miller, Leda dressmaker 801 East Maple
Miller, Louis laundry 102 E. Main
Miller, M. B. & wife Fidella conductor 402 S. 9th
Miller, M. G. & wife Mabel fireman 801 East Maple
Miller, Mabel student 801 East Maple
Miller, Mary widow 1015 N. 7th
Miller, Roy L. civil engineer 221 E. Lincoln
Miller, S. E. & wife Mary laborer 800 S. 9th
Mishler, Prof. J. L. & wife M. W. Supt. City Schools  
Mitchell, Inez teacher 102 N. 8th
Mitchell, J. S. & wife Sara horse buyer 102 N. 8th
Mitchell, Verne student 102 N. 8th
Montgomery, Arthur   902 E. Main
Montgomery, Hazel student 902 E. Main
Montgomery, John & wife Nettie real estate 902 E. Main
Montgomery, Robert railway clerk Orleans Hotel
Moore, Fannie widow 620 S. 8th
Moore's Orchestra   109 2nd Ave. N.
Morgan, H. M. & wife Belle railway mail clerk 422 S. 8th
Morgan, Lulu stenographer 422 S. 8th
Morrisey, J. H. & wife M. lumber clerk 121 E. Lincoln
Morison, F. H.  real estate 1424 E. Lincoln
Morrison, Harvey boiler washer 203 E. Walnut
Morrison, Mary domestic 203 N. 2nd
Morse, Eva domestic 721 N. 5th
Morse, Gail & wife Maggie chief train dispatcher 514 S. 9th
Morse, J. (Mrs.) widow 721 N. 5th
Morse, J. W. & wife attorney 602 S. 10th
Mott, J. B. (Mrs.) widow 1002 N. 10th
Mudge, C. L. & wife Ella conductor 714 S. 9th
Munson, John & wife T. laborer 1026 N. 10th
Munson, R. F. & wife Della conductor 714 S. 9th
Murphy, Mary student 514 N. 5th
Murphy, Martin & wife A. real estate 514 N. 5th
Murphy, Maud domestic Central Hotel
Murphy, Nellie domestic Central Hotel
Myers, Dave fireman 225 W. Des Moines
Myers, George & wife A. engineer 225 W. Des Moines
Myers, Lydia domestic 225 W. Des Moines
Myers, Wes fireman 225 W. Des Moines
Myhre, A. O. & wife M. merchant 821 E. Des Moines
Myhre, Albert & wife Minnie clerk 922 N. 7th
Myhre, Theo merchant 821 E. Des Moines