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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Ladd, W. A. & wife Eva attorney 603 S. 9th
Lande, Ben & wife Eliza laborer 215 E. Maple
Lande, Lewis & wife Annie carpenter 202 E. Maple
Langsdale, S. K. & wife telegraph operator 302 S. 7th
Larson, P. T. & wife T. M. Supt. Elec. Light Plant 327 W. Pleasant
Larson, Anna domestic 802 S. 8th
Larson, Miss Anna teacher 508 N. 7th
Lee, H. N. & wife Clara fireman 709 N. 10th
Lee, Josie teacher 514 N. 7th
Lee, N. J. & wife Maud attorney 601 N. 8th
Lein, Betsy compositor 803 N. 7th
Lein, T. A. & wife C. retired 803 N. 7th
Leo, Elsie student 304 N. 2nd
Leonard, J. A. & wife E. M painter West side
Lesher, Clara student 402 N. 8th
Lesher, Roy clerk 402 N. 8th
Lesher, W. A. & wife Eugenia real estate 402 N. 8th
Letchford, Geo. & wife Callie grocer 220 N. 7th
Library   Court House Square
Lindsell, Elizabeth   East Lawn
Lindsell, Mrs. W.   East Lawn
Link, E. & wife Nettie laborer 1200 N. 10th
Linke, P. laborer 107 N. 1st
Linke, Wm. & wife Bertha laborer 107 N. 1st
Littell, E. R.  merchant 810 E. Howard
Littell, Edith student 1223 E. Main
Littell, Henry & wife Grace feed store 737 S. 9th
Littell, J. P. & wife Mary Ins. Agt. 1223 E. Main
Littell, Mrs. Will widow, clerk 810 E. Howard
Littleton, J. F. & wife Ellen   521 N. 4th
Littleton, Joe & wife Anna   409 E. Des Moines
Lough, A. & wife Mary mail clerk 403 N. 8th
Lough, Emma C. widow 501 N. 7th
Lough, L. & wife Mary engineer 307 W. Lincoln
Lough, Martha dressmaker 1009 E. Roberts
Lough, Mrs. J. W.  widow 1009 E. Roberts
Lovell, J. C. Jr., & wife M. feed yard 815 S. 8th
Low, Mrs. E. widow 406 N. 8th
Lowe, George laborer 1225 E. Howard
Lucas, C. E. & wife C. J. fireman 205 E. Howard
Lucas, D. W. & wife Anna fireman 503 N. 4th
Lucas, J. W. & wife   West side
Lucas, John & wife Viola laborer 103 E. Main
Lucas, Perey student 103 E. Main
Lucas, Roy & wife Eva brakeman 103 E. Main
Lucas, S. & wife M. L. laborer West side
Lyman, F. R. & wife M. E. retired West side
Lyman, George & wife Anna grocer 419 S. 10th
Lyman, Kate   West side
Lyman, Louie clerk West side
Lynch, A. F. & wife Mary drayman 800 N. 8th
Lyon, A. W. & wife Mary conductor 516 S. 10th
Lyon, Chas. druggist Orleans Hotel
Lyon, G. A. & wife Cora lumberman 401 N. 7th
Lytle, Chas. & wife Florence paper hanger 221 E. Walnut
Lytle, Floyd meat cutter 221 E. Walnut
Lytle, John paper hanger 221 E. Walnut