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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

Compiled by Kit M. Oxley

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Haddock, Roxy clerk 317 N. 7th
Hale, J. M. & wife Daisy mail carrier 315 N. 12th
Hall, Rev. Ada pastor Free Methodist church 514 N. 7th
Halleck, A. A. & wife   600 E. Pleasant
Halleck, Cliff & wife fireman 620 N. 6th
Haller, Frank & wife engineer over Estherville Grocery
Halverson, Thomas & wife Julia car inspector 613 S. 11th
Halverson, Lewis student 202 E. Lincoln
Halvorson, Harry telegraph operator 613 S. 11th
Halvorson, John retired 803 E. Des Moines
Halvorson Sisters milliners N. 6th St.
Hamrich, E. & wife L. rural mail carrier 809 N. 10th
Handeland, B. O. & wife Bell laborer 1102 N. 9th
Handeland, John carpenter 1008 N. 9th
Handeland, Lars & wife Josephine tailor 702 N. 11th
Handeland, Ole & wife C. laborer 802 N. 11th
Hansen, John tailor Coon Block, shop 111 N. 6th
Hanson, Mrs. A. widow 614 S. 10th
Hanson, C. W. & wife Sadie tailor 1008 N. 9th
Hanson, Irvin clerk 614 S. 10th
Hanson, O. C. & wife Laura tinner 521 E. Jefferson
Hanson, Pete blacksmith 502 S. 8th
Hardy, James & wife Julia engineer 216 N. 9th
Hargrave, C. O. music teacher Coon Block
Harmon, C. H. & wife L. farmer 820 N. 11th
Harrison, J. W. & wife N. C. Ins. Agt. 920 E. Walnut
Harrison, Kate teacher 920 E. Walnut
Hart, O. W. & wife M. E. barber 121 N. 2nd
Hartman, D. domestic 320 N. 8th
Hartung, E. E. & wife Harriet   903 E. Main
Hausner, W. M. & wife Mabel laborer 838 S. 10th
Hawk, C. E. mason 1020 N. 10th
Hawk, G. W. & wife L. retired 1020 N. 10th
Haynes, C. I. & wife May city marshal 502 S. 10th
Heidke, V. A. & wife Carrie water supply 220 S. 9th
Heimann, A. & wife Bertha machinist 915 S. 10th
Heller, Bertha teacher High School building
Helinsky, W. P. & wife Mary   502 N. 2nd
Hemphill, J. W. & wife Mina conductor 915 E. Des Moines
Hendershot, Fred & wife Pearl clothier 116 N. 8th
Hendrickson, Albert helper, M. & St. L. depot 1022 E. Howard
Hendrickson, Mabel stenographer 1309 E. Barnhart
Hendrickson, W. A. insurance agent 1309 E. Barnhart
Henkins, Claus & wife C. E. blacksmith 321 N. 4th
Hepp, J. F. & wife R. A. engineer West side
Higley Company butter, cream and eggs corner Lincoln and 5th
Hill, J. A. laborer 1003 E. Howard
Hill, J. W. & wife Arabella janitor 1003 E. Howard
Hill, William & wife Cora printer 1013 N. 7th
Hinthorn, Bert laborer West side
Hinthorn, Laura student West side
Hinthorn, Wm. & wife Clara farmer West side
Hinton, Bert & wife Stella laborer 615 S. 7th
Hipple, E. student 315 E. Pleasant
Hipple, H. G. & wife J. R. fireman 321 E. Barnhart
Hipple, J. W. & wife L. coal heaver 315 E. Pleasant
Hipple, R. coal heaver 315 E. Pleasant
Hipple, W. meat cutter 315 E. Pleasant
Hite, C. E. & wife Hattie ice cream maker 1015 E. Main
Hite, Julia student 1015 E. Main
Hodge, W. H. & wife Lillian real estate 721 N. 10th
Hoffman, Chas P. & wife Annie carpenter West side
Hoffman, Otto, & wife Helen bridge carpenter 523 N. 9th
Holbrook, Harry tenographer Orleans Hotel
Holcomb, H. W. & wife retired 504 N. 3rd
Holcomb, J. E. & wife C. R. laborer 902 N. 10th
Holmes, Flossie student White House
Holmes, J. & wife Prop. White House  
Hollenbeck, H. M. & wife brakeman 416 N. 6th
Honge, Thor & wife Belle laborer 409 E. Pleasant
Hough, Otto & wife Nellie meat cutter 403 E. Walnut
Houts, E. J. & wife Mary   402 N. 2nd
Houts, Nancy student 414 S. 6th
Houttshouser, A. L. & wife L. bowling alley 320 E. Des Moines
Howard, C. H. & wife Mary drayman 721 N. 9th
Howard, W. V. & wife Mildred   120 N. 8th
Howe, George conductor 802 N. 7th
Howe, J. painter 1125 E. Howard
Howe, Jim & wife Louise towerman 802 N. 7th
Hubbard, D.   410 3rd
Hubbard, Del laborer 1125 E. Howard
Hudson, Ethel telephone operator 203 N. 4th
Hudson, Howard boiler washer 203 N. 4th
Hudson, L. L. telephone operator 203 N. 4th
Hudson, Mrs. R. R. widow 203 N. 4th
Huffman, E. & wife E. carpenter 309 E. Walnut
Hull, F. M. & wife M. A. brakeman 411 S. 3rd
Hulse, H. G. & wife Julia clerk in C. R. I. & P. office 621 N. 7th
Hunt, Milo J. & wife Cora barber 414 N. 4th
Huntsinger, James & wife Kate laborer 844 S. 11th
Huntsinger, Jimmie barber 844 S. 11th
Huntsinger, Nellie domestic 844 S. 11th
Hutchison, W. P. & wife F. W. laundry 1003 E. Main
Hyrup, John & wife M. C. tiler 221 S. 3rd
Hyrup, Steena domestic 221 S. 3rd