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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Cain, Dr. P. & wife Christie veterinary 1131 E. Lincoln
Callender, Ed dispatcher C. R. I. & P. 820 E. Lincoln
Callwell, R. B. civil engineer 416 N. 7th
Campbell, Anna teacher 603 N. 8th
Campbell, Rev. Edward & wife Anna Presbyterian pastor 401 S. 7th
Campbell, J. A. & wife Emma traveling man 603 N. 8th
Campbell, Mabel student 507 E. Des Moines
Campbell, Myrtle student 603 N. 8th
Campbell, Paul brakeman 603 N. 8th
Caraway, G. B. & wife Emma manager Higley Co. Corner Lincoln and 5th
Carlson, D. R. & wife Bess editor, Enterprise 501 N. 7th
Carlson, Marie domestic 131 N. 9th
Carlson, Walter civil engineer 721 S. 8th
Carpenter, Frank editor, Democrat 402 N. 6th
Carpenter, George & wife Kate marble worker 924 E. Pleasant
Carpenter, Mrs. L. P. widow 402 N. 6th
Carson, Laura student 904 N. 7th
Carson, N. B. & wife Harriet painter 904 N. 7th
Case, A. janitor 520 N. 3rd
Case, Garfield laborer European Hotel
Case, W. A. & wife Mary car repairer 420 N. 3rd
Case, Winfield laborer European Hotel
Casey, Daniel brakeman, C. R. I. & P. 308 S. 6th
Cavanaugh, Roy civil engineer 721 S. 8th
Cavin, Arthur clerk 215 W. Lincoln
Cavin, Mrs. J. A. widow 215 W. Lincoln
Cavin, Walter bookkeeper Iowa Savings Bank
Central House   217-219 S. 6th St.
Chamberlain, H. & wife F. A. carpenter West side
Chapman, Harry laborer 602 N. 6th
Chapman, W. P.  & wife tinner 602 N. 6th
Charlton, Ed brakeman 311 S. 3rd
Christensen, P. L. & wife Hannah grocery 1027 E. Main
Chilcote, Robert conductor Graaf Bldg.
Clancy, Grace milliner store 622 E. Lincoln
Clayton, A.   603 S. 7th
Clayton, Mrs. B. C. widow 603 S. 7th
Clayton, Ella clerk 603 S. 7th
Clayton, James call boy 603 S. 7th
Clayton, Sylvia   603 S. 7th
Cleveland, Del & wife Ida laborer 1211 E. Howard
Clinite, Dr. J. I. & wife Fay dentist 1003 E. Howard
Clump, D. M. & wife J. C. farmer west side
Cole, Chester & wife Emma retired 808 N. 4th
Cole, Mrs. D. widow 1021 E. Walnut
Cole, E. A. fireman 1021 E. Walnut
Cole, R. I. janitor 1021 E. Walnut
Cole, Richard student 310 S. 8th
Cole, Rev. T. S. & wife Emily Methodist pastor 310 S. 8th
Collins, G. L. & wife B. fireman 220 N. 6th
Collins, J. student 508 N. 7th
Collins, Samuel & wife Martha retired 508 N. 7th
Conklin, Mrs. M. widow 608 N. 6th
Conklin, W. R. laundryman 608 N. 5th
Conley, Mrs.    Corner Des Moines & 7th Str
Conlon, Tom & wife Carrie butcher 1015 E. Barnhart
Connelly, G. R. &  wife bookkeeper 406 N. 6th
Conner, Chas. operator West side
Conner, Mrs. L. C. widow West side
Conner, Maud typesetter West side
Converse, Miss Clarissa   905 E. Lincoln
Converse, E. D. & wife farmer 1005 N. 6th
Converse, F. K. feed store 905 E. Lincoln
Converse, F. W.  & wife Effie cashier Iowa Savings Bank 803 N. 8th
Converse, Fay student 1005 N. 6th
Converse, P. S. & wife M. M. retired 905 E. Lincoln
Conway, T. J. & wife Nora fireman 512 N. 2nd
Cook, George operator 1205 E. Maple
Cook, Lillian stenographer 1205 E. Maple
Cook, M. M. & wife M. master carpenter 1205 E. Maple
Cook, Pearl type-setter 1205 E. Maple
Coon, B. M. & wife Mary attorney West side
Coon, C. H. & wife Sadie butcher 520 S. 9th
Coon, H. C. & wife Elmira retired 521 S. 9th
Cotant, D. C. & wife E. house mover West side
Cox, George   1215 E. Roberts
Cox, James & wife Ada Prop. Opera House Reporter 215 W. Lincoln
Cox, Jesse & wife Mabel scenic artist 1221 E. Roberts
Cox, H. W. & wife M. clerk 926 E. Walnut
Cox, S. J. & wife Julia carpenter 1215 E. Walnut
Coxe, A. J. & wife Cora engineer 223 N. 8th
Cramer, Fred & wife Lena brakeman 820 N. 4th
Cramer, J. H. operator 714 S. 8th
Cratty, Mabel teacher 521 S. 9th
Crawford, J. A. & wife A. butcher 127 W. Pleasant
Cronk, C. H. & wife E. S. collector 609 N. 8th
Cropley, Ada domestic 700 S. 9th
Crowe, George & wife E. switchman 513 S. 9th
Crowell, Walter & wife Maggie implements and Mach. 602 N. 7th
Crowther, Mrs. M. E. widow 615 N. 5th
Cummings, Clyde timekeeper, C. R. I. & P. 820 E. Lincoln
Cunningham, Addie domestic 400 N. 7th