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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Bachman, Dr. E. W., wife Gene    
Bachman, Ruth music teacher  
Bachman, Zanah student  
Bagan, Pat laborer Central House
Bagan, William, wife Anna brakeman 703 S. 8th
Bagan, Mary widow 739 S. 9th
Bagan, Kate student 739 S. 9th
Bagan, Dennis student 739 S. 9th
Bailey, Mrs. O. J. widow 1309 E. Barnhart
Baker, William, wife Addie restaurant 501 E. Lincoln
Baker, Arthur & wife laborer 814 N. 11th
Barber, A.,  & wife Clara furniture dealer 215 N. 7th
Barber, C. S., & wife Helen real estate 702 N. 6th
Barker, John M., wife L. R. deputy auditor 913 N. 6th
Barker, Miss Edna M. deputy recorder 913 N. 6th
Barrett, J. A., & wife K. car repairer, C. R. I. & P.  
Barrett, Mrs. Jane widow 421 East Walnut
Barstow, Fred, & wife L. A. fireman 519 N. 3rd
Bartlett, Chas. L., wife Anna   1103 N. 6th
Bartlett, Miss Carrie clerk 1103 N. 6th
Bartlett, Mrs. A. widow 709 S. 8th
Bartlett, William, wife Sarah retired 1103 N. 6th
Baners, H. F., wife Mary machinist 211 W. Des Moines
Bemis, E. M. widow 1304 E. Des Moines
Bemis, Hazel student 1304 E. Des Moines
Bemis, Pearl teacher 1304 E. Des Moines
Bennett, L. J. & wife Edith Mgr. Northern Lbr. Co. Yards 223 N. 6th
Benson, Bertha widow 820 N. 9th
Benson, J. F. & wife Mary  real estate 820 N. 9th
Benton, L. R & wife M. conductor 709 S. 8th
Berg, Peter laborer 103 E. Des Moines
Bestman, Wm.  laborer Central House
Brewer, Walter & wife Julia boiler maker 920 S. 9th St.
Beymer, W. A. & wife Iva clothier 115 N. 9th
Bigelow, A. E. & wife J. real estate 927 E. Main
Bigelow, Jessie nurse 927 E. Main
Bigelow, Neva student 927 E. Main
Bigelow, Vera student 927 E. Main
Bingham, L. L. & wife Maud Cement Products 608 S. 9th
Bingham, L R. & wife M. E. retired 501 N. 7th
Birney, Dr. C. C. & wife   715 E. Howard
Birney, Cleo student 715 E. Howard
Bixby, A. car checker 1015 E. Des Moines
Bixby, A. A. & wife painter 1009 E. Des Moines
Bixby, A. M. student 1009 E. Des Moines
Bixby, Archie brakeman 1015 E. Des Moines
Bixby, Chas. D. rural mail carrier 1015 E. Des Moines
Bixby, J. M. brakeman 311 S. 3rd
Bixby, John brakeman European Hotel
Bixby, Mrs. L. L. widow 1015 E. Des Moines
Blakey, C. S. & wife E. A. stock buyer 608 S. 10th
Bond, Leona teacher 1023 N. 6th
Bond, S. W. & wife farmer 1923 N. 6th
Bork, John & wife Kate Prop. Central House  
Boothman, George & wife Hanna Sec. foreman 839 S. 9th
Bowser, J. B. & wife Hanna real estate 1004 E. Maple
Bowser, Maud student 1004 E. Maple
Bradbury, C. brakeman, C.R I. & P.  
Bradley, A. C. & wife Mary yard foreman 210 Pleasant Ave.
Bradley, Dr. W. E. & wife Eva   914 E. Main
Brand, Thos & wife Mary engineer 608 N. 7th
Brees, Henry C. & wife Julia furniture dealer, So. 6th 927 E. Maple
Briggs, E. L. & wife Mary grain buyer 1227 E. Lincoln
Briggs, Mrs. P. O.  widow 120 E. Maple
Brimhall, Lucile teacher 402 N. 8th
Brinkerhoff, A. I., & wife A. E. laborer 1215 E. Lincoln
Brockway, J. G. & wife fireman 713 N. 6th
Brockway, W. I. & wife engineer 827 S. 10th
Brogan, Kate teacher 800 N. 8th
Brooks, E. C. L. widow 821 E. Howard
Brown, A. C. & wife Lulu A. retired 1425 E. Howard
Brown, C. M.  & wife E. C. miller 312 W. Des Moines
Brown, Carrie student 914 E. Howard
Brown, Mrs. E. L. widow 1215 E. Main
Brown, F. L. & wife Grace brakeman 222 S. 13th
Brown, Lillian student 914 E. Howard
Brown, Mrs. O. J.  widow 914 E. Howard
Brown, Otto & wife blacksmith 302 N. 6th
Bryant, E. C. & wife B. L. merchant 303 N. 7th
Bryant, John clerk 303 N. 7th
Buckley, J. J. & wife Lillian brakeman 1118 E. Main
Burhenn, F. W. & wife W. H. pastor Germ. Luth. church 1120 N. 9th
Burkhart, B. C. & wife Lena laborer 840 S. 9th
Burke, M. retired 216 N. 9th
Burke, S.   628 S. 10th
Burke, Serena student 628 S. 10th
Burke, T. O.  & wife T. retired 628 S. 10th
Buseman, H. & wife Alga   727 S. 8th
Byfield, Mrs. C. S.   507 E. Lincoln
Byfield, Wm. & wife May restaurant 507 E. Lincoln