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Estherville City Directory, 1907
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1907

1907 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Aalborg A., wife Nellie concrete worker East Lawn
Aalborg, Abraham, wife Anna laborer East Lawn
Aanonson, Jane domestic 314 N. 8th
Adams, Jane widow 621 N. 8th
Adams, Ira C., & wife Ida jeweler 113 N. 6th, Res. 621 N. 8th
Adams, H. A. & wife fireman power house 903 N. 9th
Adams, D. H, & wife R. conductor 1023 E. Des Moines
Albert, N. and wife retired 511 W. Lincoln
Albert, Myrtie stenographer 511 W. Lincoln
Albert, Annie stenographer 511 W. Lincoln
Albert, Mike grain buyer 511 W. Lincoln
Albro, Frank & wife pianos over Nau Bros. store
Albro, Francis musician over Nau Bros. store
Alexander, D. R., wife M. R. S attorney 815 N. 7th
Allen, George C., and wife postmaster 109 2nd Ave. N.
Allen, Frank, wife Mary C. Asst. Cash. First National Bank 102 N. 13th
Allen, G. K., wife Georgia deputy post master West Side
Aitchison, J. H., wife J. M.  farmer West Side
Alt, C., wife Mary water supply, C. R. I. & P. 1009 E. Howard
Amdahl, John, wife C. car repairer, C. R. I. & P. 108 W. Howard
Amdahl, S. O., wife Augusta carpenter 620 N. 4th
Amundson, Clara domestic 514 N. 7th
Ammon, A. E., wife N. B. engineer 415 E. Walnut
Ammon, C. R., wife A. H. farmer 211 W. Main
Ammon, Miss M. E.   211 W. Main
Anderson, Martin, wife Bertha retired 302 S. 8th
Anderson, A. S., wife Lizzie carpenter 1102 N. 8th
Anderson, A., wife Nellie laborer East Lawn
Anderson, O., wife Hannah laborer 1128 E. Howard
Anderson, George clerk 1128 E. Howard
Anderson, Jacob student 1128 E. Howard
Anderson, Jeanette   1128 E. Howard
Anderson, A. section foreman 410 S. 3rd
Anderson, Dr. A., wife Ellie   Cor. Des Moines & N. 7th
Anderson, Lloyd stenographer Cor. Des Moines & N. 7th
Anderson, J. P., wife Melinda fireman 215 E. Maple
Anderson, John laborer 120 W. Howard
Anderson, C. S. and wife undertaker 214 N. 6th
Anderson, Isaac Prop., Napoleon Hotel 1125 E. Howard
Anderson, A. B, wife Nellie laborer East Lawn
Anderson, B. B. and wife grain and coal 420 S. 9th
Anderson, Mort student 420 S. 9th
Anderson, George student 420 S. 9th
Appel, G. C., wife Edith   1124 E. Main
Archer, Mrs. Grace news stand 113 N. 7th
Archer, Miss Lizzie clerk 113 N. 7th
Archibald, John and wife   720 N. 6th
Arnett, M. U., wife Millie ditcher 915 N. 5th
Ash, F. J., wife Celia baggage man 702 S. 7th
Ash, Leo express clerk 702 S. 7th
Ash, J. student 702 S. 7th
Atwood, H. E., wife M. E. real estate 703 S. 9th
Atwood, H. S. clerk 703 S. 9th
Atwood, Naomi student 703 S. 9th
Ayers, Mrs. widow 934 N. 6th
Ayers, Ethel student 934 N. 6th