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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Wade, Arthur laborer 1309 East Barnhart
Wagner, F M & wife car repairer 1008 East Roberts
Wagner, Leo A painter 1008 East Roberts
Wagner, Rose milliner 1008 East Roberts
Walder, H W train dispatcher 927 East Howard
Walker, Hiram retired 621 South 8th
Walker, W C & wife retired 1008 East Des Moines
Walker, W W post office clerk 1008 East Des Moines
Walrath, Jas & wife laborer 320 North 6th
Walters, Henry train dispatcher Hotel Orleans
Walters, J B & wife Hattie conductor 908 East Howard
Walters, Myrtle clerk 908 East Howard
Wannamaker, L A & wife   319 South 7th
Wannamaker, Lew clerk 319 South 7th
Wannamaker, Mae teacher 319 South 7th
Ward, Bessie teacher 602 North 6th
Ward, Cora teacher 602 North 6th
Ward, W P   602 North 6th
Warner, J S & wife Lola painter 520 North 3rd
Warner, John J and wife teamster 817 North 8th
Warner, Robt G drayman west side South
Warner, W H & wife A painter East Lawn
Warner, W J & wife Minnie gardener west side South
Waterman Music Store   215 South 6th
714 North 8th residence
Waterman, W H & wife Bertha music dealer 714 North 8th
Watson, Lula teacher  
Wells, D C & wife painter and paperhanger shop, 609 East Howard
Wells, H F & wife Helen traveling salesman 315 West Lincoln
Welsh, J T clerk, Rock island Office  
Wendt, Alma domestic 401 North 7th
Werling, C H & wife carpenter 320 North 2nd
Wese, Anna clerk 1009 East Howard
West, Mrs A N   502 North 6th
West, G M & wife traveling salesman 515 West Lincoln
Western Cigar Factory   416 East Lincoln
Weston, M E insurance 321 South 9th
Wetherell, A N & wife Emma engineer 603 North 3rd
Wetherell, Leo clerk 603 North 3rd
Wetherell, Pearl   603 North 3rd
Wheeler, E E   1001 North 10th
Wheeler, L B & wife Ida conductor 620 South 7th
Wheeler, Mrs nurse Birney & Wilson hospital
Whelan, M K & wife   309 North 7th
White, C R carpenter 421 East Walnut
White, F J lumber dealer 308 South 9th
White, J B & wife Kate clothing merchant 520 East Lincoln
501 South 9th, residence
White, L E & wife city marshal 620 North 6th
Whitish, Miss M teacher 803 North 4th
Whitish, T M & wife Mary brakeman 803 North 4th
Whitmore, B E hardware 203 North 6th
Wicks, Ben railway foreman 620 North 4th
Wicks, John railway foreman 620 North 4th
Wicks, Mike bridge carpenter 620 North 4th
Wicks, Oscar bridge carpenter 620 North 4th
Wicks, Sam & wife Julia laborer 702 East Hays
Wickersham & wife scene painter 709 North 12th
Wiggins, John water supply, Rock island Ry 217 South 6th
Wigton, J H carpenter 108 South 13th
Wigton, J M & wife T A retired 108 South 13th
Wigton, Joe E   108 South 13th
Wilcox, A A & wife retired minister 1331 East Lincoln
Wilcox, Vaslite   1331 East Lincoln
Wiley, G W & wife switchman 1007 East Maple
Wilkens, G D & wife Maud fireman 601 North 4th
Willey, Chas manager elevator Emmet House
Willey, I G coal and feed dealer 300 South 6th
West Lincoln, resident
Willey, Pearl   West Lincoln
Williams & Anderson drug store 119 South 6th
Williams, Clarence jeweler 221 North 4th
Williams, F C & wife auctioneer 221 North 4th
Williams, Gertrude student 221 North 4th
Williams, J A & wife engineer 1015 East Lincoln
Williams, L S & wife Mary abstractor 317 North 7th
Williams, S H & wife Kate druggist 119 South 6th
220 North 8th, residence
Williams, T M & wife Minnie   743 South 10th
Williams, Wm retired 808 East Maple
Wilson, C M & wife conductor 215 North 5th
Wilson, Dr M E physician 520 ½ E Lincoln, office
809 North 6th, residence
Wilson, J H & wife Carrie harness and buggy dealer 211 South 6th
414 South 8th, residence
Wilson, Jno M & wife harnessmaker  
Wilson, Mary principal, McKinley School  
Wilson, Sam & wife barber 509 ½ East Lincoln
Wiltsie, C D & wife Hellen car repairer 501 North 3rd
Wiltsie, C H & wife laborer 220 East Lincoln
Wiltsie, D F & wife Carrie Rock Island roundhouse 515 North 4th, residence
Wiltsie, Harry laborer 220 East Lincoln
Wiltsie, R D & wife Olga brakeman 217 East Lincoln
Wing, Frank B   East Main
Wing, J (Mrs)   East Main
Winslow, Edw F chief train dispatcher 303 South 7th
Wittern, August & wife Emma laborer 400 East Maple
Wittern, C W & wife Laura laborer 208 East Maple
Wolcott, Alberta   602 North 9th
Wolcott, Andrew & wife   708 North 9th
Wolcott, M W & wife Sarah   702 North 9th
Wolcott, Jessie (Mrs)   602 North 9th
Wolfe, J S & wife conductor 821 East Howard
Woods, Frank P cashier, Iowa Savings Bank 621 North 7th
Woods, L R & wife real estate and loans 921 East Main
Woods, Susan (Mrs)   927 East Maple
Woods, W brakeman European Hotel
Woodhouse, Fay student Hotel Orleans
Woodhouse, G H and wife proprietor Hotel Orleans
Woodhouse, M O steward Hotel Orleans
Woodhouse, Nina student Hotel Orleans
Worry, E bridge carpenter 1009 East Howard
Worst, Wm & wife conductor 721 East Maple
Wratten, W T & wife Adda boilermaker 421 South 3rd