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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Sabo, John carpenter 806 North 11th
Sabo, Lars & wife carpenter 814 North 11th
Sabo, Lew & wife carpenter 1026 North 10th
Salisbury, A O & wife farmer 202 East Howard
Salisbury, Elwood   202 East Howard
Salisbury, O A (Mrs)   320 North 7th
Salisbury, R W (Dr) physician 320 North 7th
Salyers, I N & wife carpenter 1022 East Howard
Sampson, Walter & wife Mary laborer West Emery
Sanborn, Dan laborer South 10th
Sanborn, E D & wife Cora insurance 703 North 7th
Sanns, W C & wife marblecutter 108½ South 7th
Saunders, A J & wife manager Wenham department store 620 South 8th
Sawyer, Ed & wife Lizzie engineer west side
Schaad, G F & wife retired 1020 North 6th
Schaad, G F (Jr) & wife Nettie editor, Vindicator & Republican cor 6th and Lincoln
1010 North 6th, residence
Schaffer, Geo & wife Maud tinner 502 North 2nd
Scharfenberg, Fred laborer South 14th
Scharfenberg, Henry brakeman 403 North 2nd
Scharfenberg, J (Mrs)   South 14th
Scharfenberg, Jennie domestic South 14th
Scharfenberg, L H & wife Kate manager, Western Cigar Co. 809 North 7th
Schloeman, M H & wife real estate 603 North 7th
Schultz, Ida domestic 120 North 8th
Schusler, Geo & wife Lizzie laborer 902 North 10th
Scoger, Larsh   620 North 4th.
Sconberg, H H clerk 608 South 8th
Scott, Alice (Miss) teacher 731 South 10th
Scott, B M & wife   731 South 10th
Sealy, M W B & wife chief clerk supt office
Rock Island Ry
820 East Lincoln
Seeley, Jeanatte teacher  
Severin, Maria domestic 405 South 9th
Severs, R D & wife Jessie lineman 820 North 4th
Severson, A & wife Margarette mason 620 North 9th
Severson, Ben & wife laborer 437 South 7th
Severson, Lillie domestic 437 South 7th
Shadle Drug Co   518 East Lincoln
Shadle, F S druggist 518 East Lincoln
Shadle, G W merchant 602 East Lincoln, store
Shadle, Merle merchant 602 East Lincoln, store
Sharer, E M & wife Leona carpenter 702 North 8th
Shartle, B H   East Lawn
Shartle, H H & wife carpenter East Lawn
Shaw, A & wife Anna conductor 1115 North 9th
Shaw, John railroad conductor 1115 North 9th
Shelts, H fireman European Hotel
Shenefelt, Blanche   1211 East Lincoln
Shenefelt, C L   1211 East Lincoln
Shenefelt, Frank & wife blacksmith and wagonmaker 210 South 7th
1211 East Lincoln, residence
Shenefelt, Maud   1211 East Lincoln
Sherer, W A & wife conductor 708 South 8th
Sherman, C O laborer Coon Block
Shiley, H H & wife retired 727 South 9th
Shiley, Harry J barber 727 South 9th
Sidle, Frank   102 South 13th
Sidle, H W painter 609 East Howard
Sidle, J   102 South 13th
Sikes, Frank laborer 203 North 2nd
Sikes, Geo & wife Mary retired 203 North 2nd
Sikes, Geo Jr laborer 203 North 2nd
Silcox, M G & wife Florence retired North 6th
Sillge, Carrie (Mrs)   509 South 8th
Sillge, Ed H editor Democrat 503 East Lincoln, office
509 South 8th, residence
Sillge, H O & wife Minnie harness dealer 704 East Lincoln, shop
504 South ?, residence
Simers, J W & wife   508 North 6th
Simers, Walter   508 North 6th
Sizer, Amy domestic 208 East Maple
Sizer, Ernest drayman 208 East Maple
Sizer, F J & wife Esther drayman 208 East Maple
Sizer, W J retired 227 East Washington
Skinner, Isaac horse dealer 521 South 9th
Skinner, Nellie teacher 521 South 9th
Skoge, Lers   620 North 4th
Smith, E M & wife Juge   214 North 1st
Smith, Ed W & wife engineer 515 South 10th
Smith, G W & wife Stella brakeman 714 South 8th
Smith, J G & wife Anna Bee Hive Store 616 East Lincoln
214 North 8th, residence
Smith, J H & wife Mary retired 808 South 9th
Smith, Porter brakeman 721 East Maple
Snyder, Alice M student 108 East Des Moines
Snyder, D F & wife   721 North 7th
Snyder, J M & wife Mary retired 926 East Lincoln
Snyder, Jacob C & wife Mary laborer 108 East Des Moines
Snyder, Jno C laborer 108 East Des Moines
Snyder, O R & wife carpenter 802 North 10th
Solomonson, B S (Mrs)   1318 East Lincoln
Solomonson, C S (Miss) clerk 1318 East Lincoln
Solomonson, O S (Miss) student 1318 East Lincoln
Sondrol, E I & wife Emma merchant 103 South 6th, store
419 South 9th, residence
Soper, Allen & Alexander   office over 1st National Bank
Soper, R D & wife Isa bridge foreman 1220 North 6th
Sorenson, N J laundry 601 North 6th
Sperbeck, C Fred & wife brakeman East Lawn
Sperbeck, Roy student East Lawn
Springer, A & wife   west side South
Staffel, M & wife   515 North 6th
Staggs, W A (Dr) & wife Bessie   Coon block, office
521 North 6th, residence
Stanerson, Birney laborer 1014 North 8th
Stanerson, John laborer 1014 North 8th
Stanerson, Thos & wife Lena teamster 1014 North 8th
Stanhope, Edith teacher 420 South 9th
Stanhope, I & wife retired 420 South 9th
Stanley, B C & wife hostler Rock Island Ry 1130 East Lincoln
Stanley, Garner student 1130 East Lincoln
Stanley, Ira C student 1130 East Lincoln
Stedman, Chas fireman 108 North 7th
Stephens, R J & wife Mary miller west side
Stepp, W S & wife Maud barber 610½ East Lincoln
Stine, Philip S & wife Carrie clerk lumber yard 206 East Lincoln
Stinson, Alice (Mrs Dr)   808 East Lincoln
Stomp, Mary E domestic 502 South 9th
Stone, E L (Mrs)   220 North 4th
Stone, W A & wife photographer East Lincoln
220 North 4th, residence
Stone's Art Gallery   East Lincoln
Storhow, Thos & wife Dorotha deputy sheriff 221 South 2nd
Stover, C C real estate  
Stover, Geo E attorney Coon Block
Stover, O T well driller 217 South 6th
Strait, J B & wife M C painter and paperhanger 614 North 3rd
Stromer, Clara domestic 203 East Emery
Stromer, Emma typesetter 203 East Emery
Stromer, Hanah dressmaker 203 East Emery
Stromer, Jennie domestic 203 East Emery
Stromer, John laborer 203 East Emery
Stromer, T A (Mrs)   203 East Emery
Stromer, T S laborer 203 East Emery
Strong, Leon & wife Maud brakeman 211 North Pleasant
Strong, S B (Mrs)   803 North 8th
Strosser, Clara domestic 703 North7th
Strosser, Henry carpenter 217 South 6th
Sullivan, S A & wife fireman 415 North 3rd
Sumpter, A W & wife   808 East Lincoln
Sunde, T T & wife Martha carpenter 1108 North 9th
Sutcliffe, Emma student 923 East Jefferson
Sutcliffe, Geo (Mrs)   923 East Jefferson
Sutcliffe, LaGrand bank clerk 923 East Jefferson
Sutton, John & wife drayman East Lawn
Sutton, John (Rev) & wife Mary pastor 622 North 7th
Sutton, Nellie   622 North 7th
Swale, C E car repairer 709 North 12th
Swale, Mary (Mrs)   709 North 12th
Sweet, E M & wife teamster 221 East Walnut
Sweet, Jno D & wife Ruth section man 120 West Howard
Sweet, W V carpenter 712 South 14th
Swenman, Mike fireman 620 North 8th
Swenson, Ben & wife O laborer 437 South 7th
Swenson, Tillie domestic 437 South 7th