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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Rammage, W L insurance 508 North 7th
Randall, R W (Mrs)   802 East Maple
Reaney, Sam & wife real estate 805 East Pleasant
Reid, Mrs. F   802 North 8th
Reif, W M clerk 704 South 9th
Reymore, Arthur laborer 621 North 5th
Reymore, Frank C & wife Melissa carpenter 621 North 5th
Rhodes, Mrs. Cora boarding house 721 East Maple
Rhodes, F H & wife Hattie cashier Bank of Estherville 600 E. Lincoln
Rhodes, Jennie   721 East Maple
Rhodes, Jennie C student 405 South 9th
Rhodes, Jno A & wife Margarett barber shop 523 basement
413 North 9th, residence
Rhodes, Mrs. L A   308 East Jefferson
Rhodes, Laura stenographer 815 East Maple
Rhodes, W T assistant cashier Bank of Estherville 815 E Maple
Rholf, Henry section man 920 East Des Moines
Richards, Miss Maud dressmaker 621 South 8th
Richardson, Lewis bookkeeper 114 North 7th
Richmond, F H & wife money lender 1003 East Maple
Richtmyer, G H & wife retired 521 North 6th
Rickold, Peter O & wife   1224 South 11th
Ridley, Charles & wife Luella brakeman 900 North 6th
Ridley, Mrs. Elmira   320 North 7th
Ridley, Esther   320 North 7th
Ridley, G E & wife retired 314 North 8th
Ridley, Hattie nurse 900 North 6th
Ridley, Jessie   320 North 7th
Ridley, Mary   900 North 6th
Ridley, R J & wife Lydia county auditor 320 North 8th
Rierson, David   707 South 10th
Rierson, Oliver & wife Anna carpenter 707 South 10th
Riggs, Ed laborer west side South
Riggs, I H & wife Alice veterinary surgeon west side South
Riggs, Myrtle domestic west side South
Riley, Burt student 712 E Walnut
Riley, Henry & wife Nellie barber shop 522 E Lincoln
902 East Lincoln, residence
Riley, J & wife Belle conductor 712 E Walnut
Riley, W T   Emmet House
Ringham, Albert S post office clerk 1205 East Maple
Ringham, B S & wife coalheaver 102 West Maple
Ringham, Clarence H operator 1205 East Maple
Ringham, E B bookkeeper 1205 East Maple
Ringham, I S & wife Anna   1205 East Maple
Ringham, Martin A clerk 1205 East Maple
Ringham, Wallace E clerk 1205 East Maple
Ritten, L N & wife druggist 511 East Lincoln, store
308 North 6th
Robb, Olive   515 North 7th
Robb, Walter   515 North 7th
Robb, Wesley & wife stock buyer 515 North 7th
Robbins, Jas B drayman 112 South 5th
Roberts, A C  printer 721 East Maple
Roberts, Mrs. M A   814 North 7th
Robbins, O & wife Anna dray and livery barn 509 East Main
112 South 5th, residence
Robinson, Fred A & wife Cora postoffice clerk 1124 East Main
Robinson, Ira & wife Stella merchant 604 E Lincoln
1330 E Lincoln, residence
Robinson, Jas & wife Lucy (colored) sexton West Barnhart
Robinson, John M & wife Martha farmer 1120 N 6th
Robinson, Stella student West Barnhart
Rockefeller, R P civil engineer 608 S 8th
Rogers, Ike & wife Louise carpenter 712 N 6th
Rohde, H N & wife coal dealer 2nd ave N
Rohde, L J & wife retired 509 S 7th
Rohde, Mary   509 S 7th
Rohde, R H   509 S 7th
Rohlf, Geo & wife Mable   E Des Moines
Root, A D   502 South 9th
Root, A D & wife lumber dealer 423 E Lincoln
502 S 9th, residence
Root, Chas   502 S 9th
Root, Wilcox & Co lumber yard 423 E Lincoln
Rose, A D & wife Libbie drayman 312 S 6th
Rose, Birney   European Hotel
Rose, C R brakeman 515 N 12th
Rose, Earl & wife Dell drayman 312 S 6th
Rose, H C & wife street commissioner 515 N 12th
Rose, Nate & wife   1320 E Barnhart
Rose, Tillie teacher 515 N 12th
Rosenberg, C & wife real estate 1009 E Main
Rosenfranz & wife Bertha brakeman 420 N 2nd
Ross, John & wife hardware 107 S 6th
602 N 6th, residence
Rowley, Norman & wife Cora laborer 1102 North 10th
Roybar, Bertha teacher 401 S 7th
Roybar, Ethel student 221 N 4th
Rudke, Chas & wife Mina carpenter 708 N 8th
Rugtiv, Geo & wife Mary hardware 203 N 6th
Rugtiv, Oscar student  
Rugtiv & Whitmore hardware 203 N 6th
Runyard, C E cigarmaker European Hotel
Rust, C E & wife fireman 203 E Walnut
Rutledge, Anna teacher  
Ryezik, Henry & wife Anna section foreman 1025 East Barnhart
Rygg tailor shop 212 South 6th
Rygg, Jno O & wife tailor shop 212 South 6th
421 East Madison, residence
Rygg, Stella student 421 East Madison
Rygg, Theodore student 421 East Madison