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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Mahr, Frank   911 East Roberts
Mahr, Wm retired 911 East Roberts
Mahlum, Albert & wife Edith asst postmaster 102 North 13th
Mahlum, Henry   108 North 4th
Mahlum, Wm & wife Agnes carpenter 108 North 4th
Magnus, Edith teacher  
Marshall, C B & wife Angus coachman 719 South 10th
Martinek, A T & wife Ellen harnessmaker 1300 East Barnhart
Martin, J A civil engineer, Rock Island 721 East Maple
Martin, J C & wife Luella retired 921 East Maple
Martin, Mable student 921 East Maple
Martin, Merrill bank clerk 921 East Maple
Martinson, C M & wife Lizzie retired west side
Martinson, Toger & wife Lina retired west side
Mathews, C J & wife Sadie   Iowa House, 220 South 5th
Matre, Peter   620 North 4th
Matteson, Matt & wife Sarah carpenter 415 North 12th
Matteson, Matt Jr. operator 415 North 12th
Maxwell & Jehu livery 509 East Howard
Maxwell, A W & wife retired 1314 East Lincoln
Maxwell, W & wife livery 509 East Howard
1314 East Lincoln, residence
Mayland, E C clothier 501 South 9th
McArdle, Wm & wife engineer 922 North 6th
McCall, Geo student 905 North 6th
McCall, O A & wife grain dealer 905 North 6th
McClelland, Geo & wife conductor 928 East Des Moines
McClure, May (Miss)   211 North Pleasant
McCoy, F H   South 4th
McCoy, F L (Mrs)   921 East Hays
McCoy, Luman laborer 921 East Hays
McCoy, Sabrey   921 East Hays
McCracken, Amanda student 800 North 9th
McCracken, L E & wife M M junk dealer 800 North 9th
McCullaugh, F M & wife Emme E brakeman South 15th
McCullough F W & wife Fannie conductor 907 North 7th
McCullough, Roy   907 North 7th
McCutchin, Geo & wife Lillian conductor 802 South 9th
McDade, Rosa (Mrs)   102 South 13th
McDermon, E J & wife engineer 1223 East Lincoln
McDonnell, Cora (Miss) milliner 622 East Lincoln
McEffee, Ed retired 508 North 2nd
McFarland, A R & wife Katie   106 West Maple
McFarren, W P & wife Louisie cigarmaker 215 East Maple
McGregor, May chambermaid Emmet House
McIllven, W J & wife E A cashier, Rock Island Ry 720 North 6th
McKellar, Jeane teacher 216 North 9th
McLean, Kenneth contractor and builder 414 North 9th
McLean, Mary stenographer and bookkeeper 414 North 9th
McLeran, V H & wife Mary laborer 514 North 3rd
McLerare, Ben M and wife laborer 514 North 3rd
McLeod, W E & wife Mattie E Reverend 401 South 7th
McRay, Alex & wife Oriline real estate 621 North 3rd
Mead, M O clerk, European Hotel 415 East Lincoln
Mead, O A & wife Harriott European Hotel 415 East Lincoln
Mead, Ruth   415 East Lincoln
Meadows, C E & wife brakeman 1215 East Lincoln
Melby, Ed J & wife chief clk div eng office 1023 East Des Moines
Mendelson, H L & wife Sadie department store 614 East Lincoln
Merrill, J & wife Mary supt. Rock Island Ry 1009 East Main
Merrill, R E & wife Mabel dispatcher 920 East Maple
Metzgar, A G & wife traveling salesman 612 South 9th
Metzgar, Eveline   612 South 9th
Metzgar, Julia   612 South 9th
Miles, Blanche teacher Washington School
Miles, Hellen music and drawing Washington School
Miller, B E & wife   1003 East Main
Miller, C E (Mrs)   214 North 12th
Miller, C O & wife Hattie   602 North 8th
Miller, C W & wife brakeman 1118 East Main
Miller, Cleve   821 East Maple
Miller, Ella (Mrs) widow 221 East Lincoln
Miller, F M & wife contractor 821 East Maple
Miller, Fred P insurance 602 North 8th
Miller, Grace L student 221 East Lincoln
Miller, Harvey (Mrs)   North 7th
Miller, Lydia   821 East Maple
Miller, M B & wife trainmaster, Rock Island 402 South 9th
Miller, M G mngr board of trade 821 East Maple
Miller, Mable   821 East Maple
Miller, May (Mrs)   1015 North 7th
Miller, Roy E civil engineer 221 East Lincoln
Miller, S E & wife laborer west side
Minkler, L J & wife Jessie lineman 514 North 4th
Minkler, R A   411 North 8th
Mitchell, J S & wife land and loan inspector 102 South 8th
Monson, Mike laborer 221 North 2nd
Montgomery, A A bank clerk 403 North 8th
Montgomery, John & wife   902 East Main
Montgomery, R W cashier, Peoples Bank 808 East Maple
More, John & wife Ella blacksmith 212 East Howard
Morgan, H W & wife Belle railway postal clerk 500 South 8th
Morrison, F H & wife Jennie real estate 500 ½ East Lincoln
803 East Howard, residence
Morse, Eva M (Miss) restaurant 110 North 7th
Morse, G H & wife train dispatcher 516 South 9th
Morse, M J (Mrs) restaurant 110 North 7th
Moses, Oscar & wife barber 927 East Lincoln
Mott, Daniel & wife Ella contractor 222 Archer Ave
Mott, Hannah   722 North 8th
Mott, J B & wife Irene retired 722 North 8th
Mudge, C F & wife Edna brakeman 303 East Walnut
Mudge, C L & wife Ellen conductor 311 East Washington
Mulroney, O plumber 509 East Lincoln
Munson, Ida domestic 614 East Lincoln
Munson, R F & wife conductor 1014 East Barnhart
Murphy, John & wife May laborer 509 North 5th
Murray, G B & wife Mary fireman 612 North 2nd
Murray, T E cook European Hotel
Murray, Wm brakeman European Hotel
Myhre, A O & wife retired 821 East Des Moines
Myhre, Theo merchant, store 121 North 6th
821 East Des Moines, residence