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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Ladd, Clarence   500 S 9th, residence
Ladd, W A & wife attorney 522½ East Lincoln
500 S 9th, residence
Lamar, J W & wife train dispatcher 502 North 9th
Lande, Andrew laborer 203 South 3rd
Lande, Ben teamster 203 South 3rd
Lande, Lewis laborer 217 South 6th
Lane, F S (Mrs.) dressmaker 203 East Maple
Lapham, T & wife painter West Emery
Larson, Carrie domestic 402 South 9th
Lathrop & Lecher real estate 713 East Lincoln
Lathrop, F H & wife Louisa real estate & seed store 7 East Lincoln
802 North 6th, residence
Lathrop, Herbert H student 802 North 6th
Lathrop, James A student 802 North 6th
Laundry Estherville Steam   116 South 7th
Lawrence, H B clerk 620 South 9th
Lawrence, L A & wife Della carpenter East Lawn
Lawrence, L L & wife grocery 700 East Lincoln
808 East Maple, residence
Lawrence, Sue student East Lawn
Leary, Frank & wife conductor 313 East Jefferson
LeBrant, Alvin & wife Gertie   820 North 6th
LeBrant, Arthur D   820 North 6th
LeBrant, J A & wife Ella   820 North 6th
Lee, Bertha (Mrs)   502 North 4th
Lee, C F (Mrs)   517 North 7th
Lee, Josephine student 517 North 7th
Lee, N J & wife attorney Iowa Savings Bank block building
517 North 8th, residence
Leik, John J baker 103 North 8th
Lein, J B electrician 803 North 8th
Lein, T A & wife Christina retired 803 North 8th
Lough, A F & wife Emma   102 North 7th
Lough, Arlando & wife Mary clerk 403 North 8th
Lough, Lorenzo & wife Minnie engineer West Lincoln
Lovell, J C & wife Minnie feed stable 213 South 7th
615 South 8th
Lucas, Angella   South 9th
Lucas, C E   South 9th
Lucas, C E fireman 103 South 2nd
Lucas, D W   South 9th
Lucas, J W & wife   South 9th
Lucas, John & wife drayman 103 South 2nd
Lucas, N (Mrs)   South 9tn
Lucas, Roy   103 South 2nd
Lucas, Virtue   South 9tn
Lyman, A & wife May engineer 900 North 6th
Lyman, Addie J clerk 203 East Des Moines
Lyman, Earl buttermaker 403 South 3rd
Lyman, F D oil dealer 1010 East Des Moines
Lyman, F R & wife M E butcher 203 East Des Moines
Lyman, Geo & wife Anna   419 South 10th
Lyman, J J & wife printer 206 East Lincoln
Lyman, Kate   203 East Des Moines
Lyman, L (Mrs)   1010 East Des Moines
Lyman, Louis F clerk 203 East Des Moines
Lyon, A W & wife   803 South 10th
Lyons, C H druggist Hotel Orleans
Lyons, G A & wife North Lumber Company 803 East Maple
Lytle, C N & wife Eleanor painter 521 North 4th
Lytle, John painter 521 North 4th