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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Kallestad, Abdiel student 1015 East Washington
Kallestad, C A & wife   1015 East Washington
Kallestad, C O & wife Mabel operator 915 East Des Moines
Kallestad, Clara clerk 1015 East Washington
Kallestad, Linno   1015 East Washington
Kane, C H drug clerk 511 East Lincoln
Kane, W T & wife Mary brakeman 308 South 6th
Kately, A H machinist European Hotel
Keenan, George C carpet weaver 615 South 10th
Keenan, Joe & wife Nora engineer 121 North 8th
Keenan, Patrick & wife retired 615 South 10th
Keer, A H & wife Lena fireman 220 East Lincoln
Keller, Fred & wife Eva teamster 821 North 5th
Keller, J A & wife Nellie cement worker 1121 East Goodell
Keller, Louis   821 North 5th
Keller, S J & wife Sadie retired 821 North 5th
Kendall, M H & wife Ada attorney 507 North 8th
Kenedy, J T brakeman European Hotel
Kessler, C (Mrs)   506 South 8th
Ketcham, A gardener west side South
Ketcham, G E (Miss) milliner 114 South 7th
Ketchum, E J & wife Nettie engineer west side South
Ketchum, Hattie clerk west side South
Kiley, Patrick retired 720 South 8th
Kilgore, C F & wife Addie engineer 609 North 3rd
Kilgore, E J carpenter 820 North 10th
Kilgore, F S & wife Viola drayman 820 North 10th
King, A L clerk, C R I & P railway  
King, A O & wife Abbie clerk 915 East Maple
King, F E & wife   2nd Ave North
King, F J & wife cigarmaker 422 South 4th
Kinnard, Tom fireman European Hotel
Kirby, J P & wife Kate cashier, 1st National Bank 321 North 9th
Kirby, M C & wife retired 114 North 9th
Kirby, W J engineer 114 North 9th
Kirchner, J E engineer European Hotel
Kisserling, John stone mason 425 North 5th
Kline, Arthur laborer 308 East Jefferson
Kline, Charles painter 308 East Jefferson
Kline, Edward & wife Lena gardener west side South
Kline, Frank laborer 308 East Jefferson
Klopp, Dorotha teacher 716 North 7th
Klopp, J J & wife Luna druggist 109 South 6th
716 North 7th, residence
Klopp, John clerk 716 North 7th
Klopp, Nancy teacher 716 North 7th
Knapp, M M & wife div freight agt C R I & P 802 East Maple
Knapp, Mabel   802 East Maple
Knight, E W & wife Mary train dispatcher 1202 North 6th
Knoll, E J (Mrs) typesetter Vindicator and Republican
Knoop, Helene (Miss)   Coon Block
Knowland W T & wife Addie painter 215½ South 6th
Knutson, Barney & wife Ella canvasser 832 South 11th
Knutson, K   828 South 10th
Knutson, Knuet & wife Susie section man 121 West Maple
Knutson, Nels R clerk 832 South 11th
Kober, Mattie (Mrs) dressmaker 112 North 7th
Koehler, A E bottling works West Lincoln
1222 East Main, residence
Koehler, H B bottling works West Lincoln
1222 East Main, residence
Koehler, Ida   1222 East Main
Kohlstadt, Fred & wife Mary retired 421 North 3rd
Kruse, B M & wife real estate 1330 East Lincoln