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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Jacobson, A S & wife clerk 1128 East Howard
Jacobson, Joseph retired 1205 East Howard
Jehu, Gertrude music teacher 314 South 13th
Jehu, H A livery stable 508 East Howard
Jehu, M E (Mrs) florist 314 South 13th
Jeffries, A M architect 501½ East Lincoln
Orleans Hotel
Jensen, Heming   Emmet House
Jensen, Ida   702 East Hayes
Jensen, Jerome   702 East Hayes
Jensen, K (Mrs)   702 East Hayes
Jenkins, Budd    South 4th
Jergeson, Ole & wife Mary carpenter 420 South 13th
Jewell, J B & wife Mary hardware 121 South 6th
res 121½ South 6th
Jihnson, Anton shoemaker 437 South 7th
Johnson, A E & wife Bertana shoemaker 508 South 6th
Johnson, A M  shoemaker 437 South 7th
Johnson, Ben (colored) porter Orleans Hotel
Johnson, Charles & wife   926 East Howard
Johnson, Clara waiter Orleans Hotel
Johnson, Clarence   west side
Johnson, J   1125 East Howard
Johnson, J P & wife section foreman 827 South 10th
Johnson, John   926 East Howard
Johnson, John retired west side
Johnson, John & wife Anna bridge foreman 501 North 4th
Johnson, Lena waiter Orleans Hotel
Johnson, Matilda   926 East Howard
Johnson, N O & wife Bertha mason 522 North 9th
Johnson, W A & wife car inspector 302 East Jefferson
Johnson, W D & wife   west side
Johnston, A A & wife   602 North 8th
Johnston, Alec hotel clerk Orleans House
Johnston, E E & wife coal and feed dealer 300 South 6th
res 414 South 6th
Johnston, George tailor 437 South 7th
Johnston, J R & wife Jane merchant 302 South 6th
res 1103 East Roberts
Johnston, Jay druggist 514 East Lincoln
Johnston, Jay & Co drug store 514 East Lincoln
Johnston, John A tailor 437 South 7th
Johnston, Martha student 1015 East Main
Johnston, Ola bridge carpenter 321 East Wal
Johnston, Sam & wife Jennie traveling salesman North 6th
Johnston, T H & wife Ida traveling salesman 921 East Wal
Johnston, Thomas retired 414 South 6th
Johnston, W H machinist 217 South 6th
Johnston, William S student 1103 East Roberts
Jones, A A & wife mason 218 East Wal
Jones, H G widow 509 North 5th
Jones, Hallack   Emmet House
Jones, Henry laborer 509 North 5th
Jones, Josephine   509 North 5th
Jones, Reba   303 South 8th
Jones, W S & wife retired 303 South 8th