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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Haddock, Myrtle (Miss) milliner 409 East Des Moines
Haines, N G electrician 602 North 9th
Hale, J M mail carrier 1215 East Main
Hale, Mrs widow 1215 East Main
Halleck, A A & wife J I   609 East Pleasant
Halvorson, Effie clerk 803 East Des Moines
Halvorson, H W & wife city weighmaster 202 East Lincoln
Halvorson, Hollie laborer 202 East Lincoln
Halvorson, John & wife merchant store, 613 East Des Moines
res 803 East Des Moines
Halvorson, Lewis carpenter 202 East Lincoln
Halvorson, Thomas & wife Julia   613 South 11th
Halvorson, Will H clerk 803 East Des Moines
Hamilton, Joe & wife Mary farmer west side
Hamrick, E & wife rural mail carrier South 15th
Handeland, B O & wife Bell bridge carpenter 1102 North 9th
Handeland, John bridge carpenter 1008 North 9th
Hankins, Claus & wife Celestia blacksmith 508 East Main
res 321 North 4th
Hankins, Anna (Mrs)   321 North 4th
Hansen, John tailor 111 East 6th
Hanson, Alvina (Mrs) widow 614 South 10th
Hanson, Anna teacher Washington Building
Hanson, Clara dressmaker west side
Hanson, Mary domestic 1125 East Howard
Hanson, Mattie   west side
Hanson, Miss   502 South 8th
Hanson, Peter retired 502 South 8th
Hanson, Peter & wife Anna farmer west side
Harmon, C H & wife Ella farmer 920 North 11th
Harmon, E (Mrs)   914 North 4th
Harmon, F M carpenter 914 North 4th
Harmon, M O (Miss)   914 North 4th
Harper, Mae stenographer European Hotel
Harrison, J W & wife insurance 920 East Walnut
Harrison, John & wife Naomi colored 121 North 2nd
Harrison, Kate   920 East Walnut
Hartung, E E & wife Hattie   903 East Main
Hassing, W H & wife H V printer 220 South 3rd
Hawk, Charles mason 1020 North 9th
Hawk, G W & wife housemover 1020 North 9th
Hawk, I K & wife Cement Producer Co. res North 6th
office and works at East Lin
Hawkins, Jane (Mrs)   313 West Lincoln
Haynes, Alice teacher Washington Building
Haynes, C I & wife May retired 502 South 10th
Haynes, Emma   511 East Des Moines
Headwick, Oscar brakeman European Hotel
Heddy, Rev. & wife pastor First Baptist Church 214 South 8th
Heid, Barney & wife plasterer 916 North 7th
Heidke, W A & wife foreman water supply C R I & P 220 South 9th
Heimann, A & wife Bertha machinist 914 South 10th
Hemphill, J W & wife T E conductor 922 North 7th
Hendricks, Joe cigar maker 217 South 6th
Hepp, J F & wife   215 North 1st Ave
Hepp, John laborer 215 North 1st Ave
Herrick, Charles B & wife laborer 809 North 10th
Hessinins, I B laborer 217 South 6th
Higbee, O H & wife Lucy painter 1003 East Washington
Hill, G W & wife Isabel church janitor 1003 East Howard
Hill, J A laborer 1003 East Howard
Hill, W T & wife Cora printer 927 East Lincoln
Hipple, H G machinist 315 East Pleasant
Hipple, J W & wife M L coal heaver 415 East Pleasant
Hipple, Roy J laborer 315 East Pleasant
Hitchcock, Augusta asst principal Washington School
Hobein, C A & wife E T merchant 516 East Lincoln
res 415 South 9th
Hobein, Charles   415 South 9th
Hobein, Florence   415 South 9th
Hobein, Louise   415 South 9th
Hodge, W H & wife Lilla implement dealer 216 South 6th
res 721 North 10th
Hollenbeck, E N & wife Bertha   715 North 10th
Hollenbeck, H W & wife B M laborer 620 North 11th
Hollenbeck, W E   European Hotel
Holmes, Alvin   303 South 2nd
Holmes, Flossie   303 South 2nd
Holmes, Frank   303 South 2nd
Holmes, Jacob & wife Emma painter 303 South 2nd
Holzer, Michael & wife Elizabeth machinist 408 East Pleasant
Horswell, Gail principal Lincoln School
Hoover, Ethel domestic 314 South 13th
Hotel Central   207 South 6th
Hotel Emmett   115-117-119 North 6th
Hotel European   415-417 East Lincoln
Hotel Iowa   cor 5th and East Howard
Hotel Napolean   1125 East Howard
Hotel Orleans   cor 4th and East Lincoln
Houge, Thor & wife Belle laborer 409 East Pleasant
Houts, Enoch J & wife Mary railway clerk 903 North 4th
Howe, Geo & wife T H brakeman 109 East Lincoln
Howe, J L painter European Hotel
Howe, James & wife Louisa switch tender 802 North 7th
Howe, Mike & wife Anna engineer 703 South 8th
Howe, Steve & wife Mary engineer 402 South 6th
Howard, C H & wife Mary canvasser 508 North 5th
Howard, W V & wife F A merchant 522 East Lincoln
res 320 South 7th
Hubbard, Charles car checker C R I & P 302 South 7th
Hubbard, Chas insurance 614 North 6th
Hubbard, Dell & wife Lizzie laborer South 15th
Hubbard, Harvey & wife Jennie blacksmith 614 North 6th
Hudson, Henry fireman electric light plant 602 North 9th
Hudson, Howard call boy 403 East Madison
Hudson, Lela   403 East Madison
Hudson, R R & wife Mary laborer 403 East Madison
Huff, A B & wife Mary dairyman East Barnhart
Huffman, Carl jeweler 523 North 9th
Huffman, Charles P & wife Anna carpenter West Emery
Huffman, E E & wife Emma carpenter 309 East Walnut
Huffman, Otto & wife Helen bridge carpenter 523 North 9th
Hull, J T & wife retired East Lawn
Hull, W L & wife Hattie poultry raiser west side
Humphrey, Edith domestic 320 North 8th
Hunt, Milo & wife Carrie barber 506½ East Lincoln
res 414 North 4th
Huntsinger, J G & wife Kate laborer South 11th
Huntsinger, James bootblack South 11th
Hutchinson, W P & wife laundry 116 South 7th
res 626 South 8th
Hyrup, John & wife M C   221 South 3rd
Hyrup, Stena domestic 221 South 3rd