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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Farrington, C. A. student 303 East Jefferson
Farmers State Mutual Hail Assn.   205 North 6th
Fahey, William & wife Julia   821 North 4th
Fahey, Earl stenographer C R I & P 821 North 4th
Feathers, Jennie teacher Washington Building
Fiddler, R B & wife Emma master mechanic 815 East Pleasant
Fiddler, Walter   815 East Pleasant
Fiddler, Louis   815 East Pleasant
Finlay, E & wife Redeta retired 308 North 7th
Finlay, Josephine   prin Jackson School Bldg
Finlay, Mary A   308 North 7th
First national Bank   cor 6th and Lincoln
Fister, Dr. A E & wife A optician 1322 East Howard
Fitzpatrick, T J & wife Mary editor 720 North 11th
Flack, John (Mrs)   1013 East Barnhart
Flack, Margret   1013 East Barnhart
Flannigan, Joe & wife Mary   820 North 7th
Fletcher, J R & wife A real estate 400½ South 4th
Fletcher, J S & wife Eliza attorney office Coon Blk., res 303 South 7th
Fletcher, Emily   303 South 7th
Flindt, T B & wife Mary mason 703 North 8th
Flindt, J L brakeman 508 North 4th
Flindt, G W & wife Chrystia laborer 508 North 4th
Flindt, R B laborer 508 North 4th
Flindt, Joe brakeman 508 North 4th
Flora, Grant & wife E E civil engineer 120 East Lincoln
Floyd, Eva (Mrs)   206 East main
Floyd, W H & wife Esther carpenter 1238 North 8th
Foote, W H & wife A A land and loans 602 South 10th
Foote, Wallace student 602 South 10th
Foote, Claire student 602 South 10th
Ford, E H traveling salesman 809 North 7th
Foreman, David carpenter 920 East Walnut
Foster, Robt & wife round house foreman, M & St. L 708 East Howard
Foster, C J & wife L W train dispatcher 1001 North 10th
Fox, Fern (Miss)   608 South 8th
Franz, R C & wife Sophia tailor West Lincoln
Fritz, S H & wife Lena clerk 516 S 10th
Fritz, Henry   516 South 10th
Fritz, Minnie   516 South 10th
Fritz, Grace   516 South 10th
Frizell, D A & wife Lydia conductor 221 North 6th
Frizell, F M brakeman 221 North 6th
Frozier, William & wife Ida auctioneer 927 East Maple
Fuller, J W & wife Anna laborer 844 South 9th
Fuller, C F & wife Ella stock buyer 1221 East Des Moines
Fuller, Clara   1221 East Des Moines
Fullenweider, A E (Mrs)   814 North 7th
Fuss, Paul & wife Kate restaurant 409 East Lincoln
Fuss, Fred   409 East Lincoln
Fuss, Louis   409 East Lincoln
Fuss, Willie   409 East Lincoln