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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Dahl, Andrew laborer 311 South 3rd
Dahl, Charles barber 311 South 3rd
Dahl, Elcie domestic 803 East Maple
Dahl, Henry & wife Rodena laborer 307 South 3rd
Dahl, Henry Jr laborer 311 South 3rd
Dahl, Oscar laborer 311 South 3rd
Dahle, C & wife C brakeman 1003 North 9th
Dahle, T E & wife stationary fireman 422 East Pleasant
Daley, Ellen (Miss)   738 South 9th
Daley, Rev J R pastor Catholic Church 738 South 9th
Davidson, Albert & wife Ella clerk 608 South 8th
Davidson, H H, & wife attorney office 506½ East Lincoln, res 420 North 6th
Davidson, L C (Miss) teacher 420 North 6th
Davis, Deborah principal High School 220 2nd Av North
Davis, Edith telephone operator 921 East Lincoln
Davis, F A & wife Hannah laborer 220 1st Av North
Davis, Ida teacher 220 2nd Av North, McKinley Bldg
Davis, W H & wife H M merchant 608 East Lincoln, res 721 East Pleasant
Davis, Will baker European Hotel
Davison W H & wife conductor C R I & P 808 East Howard
Dayton, Chas A & wife Maud barber 814 North 4th
Dean, A H & wife Mary laborer West Emery
Dean, Charles & wife Ellen bridge foreman 509 North 9th
DeGraw, George laborer European Hotel
Delay, Edward laborer European Hotel
Democrat Office   503 East Lincoln
Denham, Clyde   205 East Howard
Denham, Daisy   205 East Howard
Denham, H A & wife Anna brakeman 1015 North 7th
Denham, R F & wife R E barber 205 East Howard
Denning, M A (Mrs)   826 North 7th
DeSart, Hazel A   733 South 9th
Desmond, Kate chambermaid Orleans Hotel
Dick, William & wife Mary laborer 822 North 8th
Dickerson, BT & wife A C   604 North 7th
Dickerson, H A   721 North 5th
Dickerson, W H   721 North 5th
Dillon, Alberta milliner West side south
Dillon, Libbie student West side south
Dillon, Millie student 115 North 9th
Dillon, Oliver & wife Eunice retired West side south
Dillon, Os & wife L J engineer 820 East Howard
Dillon, T G (Miss)   820 East Howard
Dillon, Warren O & wife May conductor 115 North 9th
Dobbin, Anna teacher, high school bldg
Dolquist, W A civil engineer, C R I & P 808 East Howard
Donahue, Anna (Mrs)   921 East Roberts
Donahue, Ed carpenter 921 East Roberts
Donahue, Mary (Miss) dressmaker 921 East Roberts
Donaldson, A A & wife Emma 1125 East Lincoln
Donaldson, Bertha (Mrs)   828 South 10th
Donaldson, J W   1125 East Lincoln
Doolittle, C C Coon Block 405 2nd Ave North
Doolittle, H H & wife May mail clerk 405 3rd Ave North
Doolittle, L C & wife Maude photographer 100 South 7th
Dowlas, H C & wife Mary laborer 504 North 3rd
Dowlas, Julia   538 South 9th
Drake, Clayton & wife Jessie engineer 1129 East Howard
Draper, W M & wife Hannah barber 714 North 4th
Dukes, Charles student 409 South 7th
Dukes, Edwin & wife Catherine school supt 409 South 7th
Dunbar, Penie second cook Orleans Hotel
Dundas, H A & wife Belle engineer 407 North 8th
Dundas, John & wife Jane retired West side
Dunham, Frank C student 407 North 8th
Dunham, Glenn student 407 North 8th